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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Put your paws out, Red Cross: Gaga donates $1 million

    Lady Gaga donates $1 million to the New York Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy victims.
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    Four more years: Celebs react to Obama's victory

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    The stars have come out in support of Barack Obama's win in the presidential race! Celebs tweeted their congrats to the prez as soon...
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    Could Lady Gaga be any more wrong about Adele's weight?

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    Lady Gaga may be a fan of Adele's music, but Ms. Germanotta has her wires crossed when it comes to weight! Claiming the new mom...
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    Justin Bieber, Robert Pattinson: Celeb picks for Movember

    Remember last year when half a dozen of the dudes in your office quit shaving for “Movember?” Well, the season of facial hair, where...
  5. Music

    Taylor Swift's Red goes platinum, and then some

    The singer has beaten her own record, selling over 1.2 million albums in Red's first week out.
  6. Music

    Gaga germanotta ? New plants named after Lady Gaga

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    The new plant genus has so much in common with the singer that the scientists who discovered it felt they should name it after her....
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    Lady Gaga's restaurant is bad for your health

    Lady Gaga needs to come home and save her dad's restaurant. The Manhattan eatery is on its way out of business if things don't shape...
  8. Music

    Gaga & Bieber's "sick" shows: Stars redefining stage presence

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    Lady Gaga couldn't contain her excitement onstage last Saturday... literally. She hurled mid-set, just like Justin Bieber did last...
  9. Music

    Lady Gaga pulls a Bieber, pukes onstage

    Lady Gaga is a trooper. The singer got sick onstage in Barcelona on Sunday and kept on performing.
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    Lady Gaga is the only person who likes her dad's restaurant

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    Joanne's Trattoria is blamed for making Lady Gaga "fat." However, fellow diners aren't sure how she can even eat the food.
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Lady Gaga: Waving her middle finger at physical flaws

    Lady Gaga should be the artist who young people love but who annoys the rest of us. If anyone else wore a meat dress to an awards...
  12. Music

    Adele doesn't think artists should be using sex to sell records

    The singer may have taken a shot at Lady Gaga by saying she doesn't like artists who feel the need to expose their bodies — a day...
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    Lady Gaga admits to eating disorder

    Lady Gaga is telling everyone to forget about their insecurities and celebrate their bodies with a new campaign called "Body...
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    Lady Gaga disses the Pope on French radio

    On tour in France and in the midst of promoting her new perfume, Lady Gaga used some radio time this morning to support gay marriage...
  15. Celebrity Style

    Friday's Fashion Fails: Lady Gaga and Mindy Kaling

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    Oops... even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We're telling you why Lady Gaga and Mindy Kaling's fashions fell short in our...
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    Lady Gaga fat? Papa Germanotta is partly to blame

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    While headlines calling Lady Gaga "fat" feel totally unfair, the singer has gained a bit of weight in recent months. Thursday...
  17. Music

    Eye roll: Lady Gaga is now "too fat"

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    Lady Gaga can't win: First she was too skinny, now she's too big. Will it ever end?
  18. Music

    iHeartRadio Music Festival 2011: A look back

    The 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival is only a couple of days away. What better way to get ready for the performances than with a...
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    Madonna's latest Lady Gaga dig: Who's imitating whom?

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    Madonna and Lady Gaga are like two peas in a musical pod these days, apparently. Though the elder pop queen has dedicated a song to...
  20. Entertainment

    Lady Gaga gets tattoo in front of fans, in giant perfume bottle

    The singer has never done things the same way as everyone else, and this was no different. She debuted her new perfume by sitting in...