1. Holidays & Seasons

    25 Exciting gift picks for Kwanzaa

    Kwanzaa is right around the corner, and for this upcoming holiday season we suggest 25 exciting Kwanzaa gift ideas.
  2. Christmas

    Kid-friendly crafts for Kwanzaa

    Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us. Whether you want to keep your kids busy, want to have a fun way to educate...
  3. Christmas

    Know your stuff: Celebrating Kwanzaa

    It's easy during the holiday season to get wrapped up in thoughts of Santa Claus and red and green decorations. However, it is...
  4. How-Tos

    How to observe Kwanzaa

    Both remembrance and reverence, Kwanzaa is a celebrated holiday throughout the African diaspora. Whether you're a seasoned Kwanzaa...
  5. Shopping for the Home

    Where to shop this Kwanzaa

    In addition to the gifts many families exchange in celebration of Kwanzaa, there's a lot of decorating to prepare for the...
  6. Family Fun

    Celebrating family, culture and community with Kwanzaa

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    What is Kwanzaa? Is it an alternative to Christmas? An ancient African harvest celebration?
  7. Family Fun

    Family-friendly activities for Kwanzaa celebrations

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    Want to participate in Kwanzaa but don’t know how? Read on for a host of family-friendly activities that will help your...
  8. Cooking & Entertaining

    Kwanzaa recipes

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    Celebrated from Dec. 26 to Jan. 1, Kwanzaa is a worldwide African-American nonreligious holiday week based on the Nguzo Saba, or...
  9. Family Fun

    10 Holiday traditions from across the world

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    Countries all over the world will be celebrating the holidays together in spirit. Though many think of the holiday season as a...
  10. Family Fun

    Holiday books for kids

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    Books are always a great gift for kids. During the holiday season, give them books about holiday traditions including Christmas,...
  11. Books

    Best children's books about Kwanzaa

    Here are seven kids' books for the seven days of Kwanzaa. Each relates the principles of the holiday.
  12. Christmas

    Peace on Earth... and in our hearts and kitchens

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    Starting with Thanksgiving, and for six full weeks until January, lives are usually in dramatic celebratory upheaval. In the spirit...