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  1. Music

    Hollywood's humanitarians: American Idol 's David Cook & Kris Allen share the stage to fight poverty

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    Since winning their seasons of American Idol , Kris Allen and David Cook have each gone on to do some pretty amazing things. Our...
  2. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    American Idol 's Kris Allen and wife Katy welcome a baby

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    The former American Idol winner and his wife have had a tough year, but everything just got a whole lot better with the birth of...
  3. Entertainment

    Idol 's Kris Allen's baby announcement comes with a bang

    Kris Allen now knows: It's never too early for a "Baby on Board" sign.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    American Idol 's Kris Allen gets into a car accident

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    Season 8 American Idol winner Kris Allen starts the new year with a broken wrist and a baby on the way.
  5. Music

    Is there a curse on male American Idol winners?

    The first five male winners of American Idol were dropped by their record labels within a few years. When will one of the male...
  6. Television

    Where's the love? American Idol winner Lee DeWyze not invited to finale

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    Don't hold your breath to see former American Idol winner Lee DeWyze perform at the finale: He wasn't invited!
  7. Music

    Kris Allen’s new single!

    American Idol champion Kris Allen has released his latest single and SheKnows has Live Like We're Dying for your listening...