kitchen design tips

  1. Décor & Style

    Kitchen design trends: Back to basics

    This year, kitchen design trends are returning to simplicity. Instead of sleek, modern designs, we're seeing family-friendly spaces...
  2. Décor & Style

    2012 Kitchen design trends

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    Thinking about giving your kitchen an update this year? See what the experts say are the up-and-coming kitchen design trends for 2012.
  3. Home Improvement

    DIY Countertop makeovers: Are they worth it?

    Your kitchen countertops are due for a makeover, but the cost of a contractor seems excessive. You’d like to try it yourself, but...
  4. Home Improvement

    How to create a functional, practical kitchen for your family

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    Function and practicality are two essentials when it comes to raising a family, and streamlining your routine and home can help...
  5. Parenting

    Kitchen designs that encourage family bonding

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    Your kitchen is more than a place to cook dinner – it’s the heart of your home. Check out these kitchen design ideas to make your...