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    15 Space-saving kitchen cabinets with unique designs

    While traditional kitchen cabinetry is still certainly in style (and isn't likely to go anywhere), there's a new breed of cabinetry...
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    5 Surprisingly modern tiled countertops

    Hey, we get it. Tiled counters get a bad rap these days for looking dated, but we're here to set the record straight on that...
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    8 Small pantries that are big on storage

    Maximize every inch of space with these genius ideas for making the most of your tiny pantry. From pull-out drawers, to rotating...
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    PHOTOS: Dining booths that totally transform a kitchen

    Nothing turns heads quite like beautiful booths.
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    10 Tiny kitchens that feel cozy not cramped

    Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Don't let it be tiny, cold and uninviting.
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    Choose the right lighting for every spot in your kitchen

    The right lighting can make or break your kitchen. For both functionality and decor, you must incorporate several types of lighting,...
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    13 Photos that will break your crush on white cabinets

    Yes, we know white cabinets are a safe choice; however, it is time for you to break up with boring and embrace "YOLO" mentality with...
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    Combine style and function with these DIY kitchen storage containers (VIDEO)

    When it comes to organizing your pantry , why not decorate it with these hand-painted jars?
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    The amazing new butter knife you never knew you always needed

    If you've ever suffered through the drama of trying to spread cold butter on toast, then what I'm about to show you will change your...
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    Best kitchen upgrades for $500 or less

    Think you can't make a difference in your kitchen with only $500? Think again. Although a whole kitchen upgrade for $500 is out of...
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    Colorful dishware to replace your thrift shop finds

    Tired of drab dinners? Perhaps it's time to update your tableware. No matter what kind of design aesthetic you have, we've got a few...
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    The kitchen renovation guide

    This guide is chock-full of all the information you need to renovate your kitchen. Save it, pin it or print it so that you have what...
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    Countertop accessories with a cool winter vibe

    The holidays are over, but it's still cold and gray outside. Keep your kitchen cool and wintery while still pretty and inviting by...
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    6 Unexpected kitchen countertop trends for 2014

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    There was a time when granite seemed like the only go-to material for countertops. But recently we're seeing a shift as more...
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    10 Kitchens we would love to cook in this winter

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    Whether it's for baking, cooking or making hot cocoa, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen every winter. Turn yours into a warm and...
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    Top 10 paint colors for kitchens

    Is your next do-it-yourself project painting your kitchen? Whether you want to brighten up the space or create a cozy feel, we have...
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    6 New kitchen trends to try

    If you still have those dusty old window curtains hanging above the sink and silk flowers lining your countertops, it's time for a...
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    Tips for apartment storage

    Tiny spaces can be big problems, especially when you’re trying to cram all of your stuff into a less-than-spacious apartment....
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    Kitchen accents in the warmest fall hues

    With the fall season now in place, the time has come to update your kitchen. The epicenter of things to come, your kitchen space...
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    12 Fall color palettes for your kitchen

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    The fall season is all about creating a relaxed home that is perfect for both entertaining and casual living. As your kitchen will...