1. Décor & Style

    Colorful dishware to replace your thrift shop finds

    Tired of drab dinners? Perhaps it's time to update your tableware. No matter what kind of design aesthetic you have, we've got a few...
  2. Décor & Style

    The kitchen renovation guide

    This guide is chock-full of all the information you need to renovate your kitchen. Save it, pin it or print it so that you have what...
  3. Décor & Style

    Countertop accessories with a cool winter vibe

    The holidays are over, but it's still cold and gray outside. Keep your kitchen cool and wintery while still pretty and inviting by...
  4. Home Improvement

    6 Unexpected kitchen countertop trends for 2014

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    There was a time when granite seemed like the only go-to material for countertops. But recently we're seeing a shift as more...
  5. Décor & Style

    10 Kitchens we would love to cook in this winter

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    Whether it's for baking, cooking or making hot cocoa, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen every winter. Turn yours into a warm and...
  6. Home Improvement

    Top 10 paint colors for kitchens

    Is your next do-it-yourself project painting your kitchen? Whether you want to brighten up the space or create a cozy feel, we have...
  7. Home Improvement

    6 New kitchen trends to try

    If you still have those dusty old window curtains hanging above the sink and silk flowers lining your countertops, it's time for a...
  8. Organizing

    Tips for apartment storage

    Tiny spaces can be big problems, especially when you’re trying to cram all of your stuff into a less-than-spacious apartment....
  9. Décor & Style

    Kitchen accents in the warmest fall hues

    With the fall season now in place, the time has come to update your kitchen. The epicenter of things to come, your kitchen space...
  10. Décor & Style

    12 Fall color palettes for your kitchen

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    The fall season is all about creating a relaxed home that is perfect for both entertaining and casual living. As your kitchen will...
  11. Décor & Style

    Hey blogger, show me your fall kitchen

    Fall in love with kitchen decor! Five bloggers show us their cozy kitchens perfect for fall baking.
  12. Décor & Style

    25 Fall kitchen accessories under $20

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    The weather is turning chilly, and the fall season is upon us. It's time to start thinking about kitchen accessories you'll need for...
  13. Décor & Style

    Gear up for class: The multifunctional study space

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    The living room, family room or kitchen is not only a gathering place — part of it can be a work space that serves the needs of...
  14. Décor & Style

    SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Fall kitchens under $100

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    Your kitchen will experience great use during the fall season with holiday gatherings and impromptu after-school visits, so it's...
  15. Décor & Style

    Kitchen accents in the hottest summer hues

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    The kitchen is undeniably one of the most used social areas of the home. If you think about it, it's the epicenter — where we cook,...
  16. Home Improvement

    Top kitchen renovations of all time

    As women, we love to keep our homes looking fresh and new. Here are five women who turned their style into the perfect kitchen.
  17. Décor & Style

    SheKnows spacelifts: 10 Modern kitchens under $500

    It's well-known that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and if your kitchen is outdated it tends to be a statement about your...
  18. Father's Day

    Top 10 gifts for the food-loving man

    Foodie dads are fun to buy for — anything that can be put to use in the kitchen usually makes them happy! Here are our top 10 gifts...
  19. Home

    Bloggers round up the coolest family kitchens

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    Our kitchen is the heart of our home regardless of how old we are. Here are three bloggers in different phases of their lives with...
  20. Décor & Style

    Hey blogger, show me your kitchen!

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    Need inspiration to spruce up your kitchen? Three bloggers give us a sneak peek into their revved up kitchen spaces. Get ready to...