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    Hot mama Kris Jenner shares amazing bikini pic

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    Kris Jenner is hot and she knows it. She showed the world all of her best assets in a new video posted to Instagram.
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    Is Kim Kardashian going bald?

    Kim Kardashian showed a large amount of hair loss after her pregnancy, sparking rumors she may be going bald due to losing weight so...
  3. Entertainment

    Kimye and Justin Bieber: 2014 Celebrity love horoscopes

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    What does 2014 hold for pop culture's favorite celebrity couples? We look to the stars to predict these stars' romantic futures.
  4. Pregnancy

    Best celebrity maternity style of 2013

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    From Kate Middleton to Jennifer Love Hewitt and Kerry Washington, 2013 was full of stylish pregnant celebrities who had great...
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    Kim Kardashian gets a one-of-a-kind Hermès bag for Xmas

    What do you get for the woman who has everything? Kanye West decided to get fiancée Kim Kardashian an expensive one-of-a-kind Hermès...
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    50 Celebrity baby names of 2013: Kooky, classic & more

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    We were so happy to hear Kate Winslet welcomed a healthy baby boy, albeit one they saddled with a, ahem, unique name. And she isn't...
  7. Fashion & Style

    What you can learn from Kim Kardashian's beauty Pinterest boards

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    Want to know Kim Kardashian's beauty secrets and fashion inspiration? Look no further than her very own Pinterest boards. Filled...
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    PHOTOS: Celebs suffer from BRF (b****y resting face), too

    You are not alone. BRF — or "b****y resting face" — is real, and even some of Hollywood's most beautiful women are afflicted by it....
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    Kanye West pays for Kim's $250,000 beauty bill

    Kim Kardashian has shed her baby weight and she's looking great, but apparently looking that good costs a lot of money, which Kanye...
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    Kim Kardashian reveals pregnancy cravings and pic of Nori

    Kim Kardashian is loving motherhood and has recently decided to share an adorable picture of her baby North with the world and her...
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    New Kanye West rant: What did Kim do wrong in her last life?

    It seems every time Kanye West opens his mouth he says something obnoxious and inflammatory. We're starting to view him less as an...
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    Kim Kardashian wants the world to know she is generous

    Kim Kardashian recently held an eBay auction for charity but decided to donate only 10 percent of the proceeds, which left fans...
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    Who's hotter: Kimye vs. Robsten

    Parks and Recreation actress and comedian Mara Marini puts two of the most talked about celebrity couples head to head in our...
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    Kim Kardashian wedding destination is... the Palace of Versailles

    Kanye West And Kim Kardashian are planning the wedding of the century and if rumors are true, they'll be having a royal affair!
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    Miley Cyrus, royal baby top Barbara Walters' Most Fascinating

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    Miley Cyrus has twerked her way into the heart of Barbara Walters and might just top the famed journalist's list of the Most...
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    PHOTOS: Scandalous celebrities who pose nude for the holidays

    When it comes to dressing up for the holidays, less is apparently more for some stars — think more birthday suit than Santa suit....
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    Kim Kardashian "extra thankful" for North on Thanksgiving

    Kim Kardashian shows her sentimental side when she shares with the world an emotional message detailing what she's thankful for on...
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    Are Kanye and Kim K. a modern-day Romeo & Juliet?

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West finally open up about their relationship and why West hopes to never appear on Keeping Up With the...
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    Is Kim Kardashian the modern-day Marilyn Monroe?

    Vanity Fair recently celebrated the iconic starlet Marilyn Monroe for its 100th anniversary issue, but someone was very upset with...
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    Kanye West calls for boycott on Louis Vuitton

    Kanye West does not like to hear the word "no" and because of this he has launched yet another war of words. This time, his focus is...