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    What Jeremy Meeks, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have in common

    OK, too far, America. Too f'ing far. What has happened to this country's perception of sexy? For the past several years, pop icons...
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    Annie Leibovitz said she never agreed to shoot Kimye wedding

    Kanye West started a fight with Annie Leibovitz for bailing on his wedding, but the photographer said she wasn't even supposed to be...
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    Kim Kardashian flaunts her boobs and butt once again

    Kim Kardashian was at it again, posing for sexy honeymoon photos that strategically accentuated her butt and boobs.
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    Kim Kardashian starts debate: Is it cruel to pierce baby's ears?

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    In a shocking turn of events, Kim Kardashian is making headlines again. But this time it's not all about her.
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    13 Words & phrases we need to stop saying, like, right now

    Here is an updated list of words that are annoying everyone around you, so unless you want your friends to hate you, stop saying them.
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    Kanye West mad at wedding photographer

    Kanye West is angry at famed photographer Annie Leibovitz for ruining his honeymoon with Kim Kardashian.
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    Let's play a little game: Real Kim Kardashian or wax figure?

    There is a subtle line between flawless and fake, and Kim Kardashian is looking so flawless these days that it's getting...
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    PHOTOS: Kim and Kanye's sexy second honeymoon

    Most couples go on their second honeymoon to commemorate a momentous anniversary, but when you're Kimye, you go on your second...
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    Kim Kardashian jealous of Jessica Simpson's weight loss

    Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson may support each other's body woes in public, but the reality starlet is actually jealous of the...
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    PHOTOS: Everyone looks miserable at Kim & Kanye's wedding

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    It's supposed to be the happiest day of their lives — so why do Kim Kardashian and Kanye West look so miserable on their wedding day?
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    Kris Jenner didn't even realize Bey Z dissed Kimye wedding

    Power couple Jay Z and Beyoncé were a no-show at Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's recent wedding, but Kris Jenner says the dis was no...
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    Kanye's wedding day surprise for his blushing bride

    Kanye West's sweet surprise reminded Kim Kardashian of her late father as she walked down the aisle.
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    Kris Jenner dishes on Kourtney's pregnancy — sort of

    Kris Jenner is always promoting her show, and she did her best to keep daughter Kourtney Kardashian's pregnancy a secret until it is...
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    VIDEO: The Kimye honeymoon is over

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been married for all of a week, and there may already be trouble in paradise.
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    5 Reasons Kanye West shouldn't run for mayor

    Chicago artist and writer Ben Shepard thinks Kanye West should be mayor of the Windy City. We would not want to be West's campaign...
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    VIDEO: Ray J freaks out & busts cop car window

    Ray J is trying to make headlines of his own, but things don't seem to be going in his favor.
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    #NoKidsPolicy: Scary celeb stories that prove it's overdue

    Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard's campaign urging people to stop supporting publications that run unauthorized pics of celebrity kids...
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    The wedding is over and Kimye is ready for more kids

    Now that the wedding is over, it looks like Kim and Kanye are getting down to business and hoping to grow their family.
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    VIDEO: Was Bey Z's Kimye wedding dis because of Rachel Roy?

    Music's power couple might have skipped the Kardashian/West wedding to avoid Rachel Roy.
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    VIDEO: Kimye embarks on lavish three-part honeymoon

    Now that they have officially tied the knot, it's time for a little Kimye quality time.