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    Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: Baby photos not for sale

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    One of the most public figures in pop culture may be stepping back from selling her baby's photos to a magazine. Did Kanye West...
  2. Television

    What, exactly, are teens learning from Teen Choice nominated shows?

    Reality TV shows have long been taking liberties with the definition of "reality." These shows may be unscripted, but are they a...
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    If Chris Brown quits music, can he take these folks with him?

    The consequences of Chris Brown’s bad boy behavior seem to be getting to him. He’s threatening to take his toys and go home. Even a...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian will definitely design kids clothes, says pal

    Is Kim Kardashian already working on a clothing line for kids? A close friend is "sure" it's on the horizon.
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    Kim Kardashian comes out of hiding on mom's show!

    Kim Kardashian made her first official appearance since giving birth. Did she show off baby North West, too?
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    Kim Kardashian is already dropping the baby weight

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    Kim Kardashian is workin' on her fitness.
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    25 Royally funny memes about the royal baby

    We're so thrilled Prince Will and Kate Middleton finally had their baby, partially so we can stop waiting for it with bated breath....
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    Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian to quit reality TV?

    Keeping Up with the Kardashians is in its eighth season and has enjoyed great success, but Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian may be...
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    Kim and Kanye want their own thrones

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    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have almost everything, and now they can apparently add four gold-plated toilets to that growing list.
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    Kris Humphries' ex, Myla Sinanaj, has a sex tape

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    The Kim Kardashian lookalike ex of Kris Humphries is taking a page from the modern wannabe-star playbook and is releasing what she...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian to debut post-baby body on Kris

    Kim Kardashian is working to get rid of her baby weight, and is not going to show her body off until then. It looks like when she is...
  12. Parenting

    Mommy tweets: Kim Kardashian's return, Evan Rachel Wood's weed lust

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    What were on the minds and Twitter feeds of celebrity moms this week? New moms Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson both made their...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Is Kanye West pressuring Kim Kardashian?

    Kanye West and Kim Kardashian appear to be a happy couple who have just recently welcomed a baby daughter, although rumors suggest...
  14. Fashion & Style

    The real reason Shailene Woodley doesn't wear makeup

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    Add Shailene Woodley and Kim Kardashian to the list of celebrities who don't like to wear makeup all the time. Seriously!
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    Kim Kardashian's daughter becomes a "fashion icon"

    Kim Kardashian's newborn daughter is already on the fast track to becoming a fashion icon, having already accumulated a massive...
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    The irony of Kim Kardashian's #NoJustice Twitter message

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    Kim Kardashian is sending her support to the family of Trayvon Martin, but fans want to know where her prayers are for the families...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    Will baby North appear on The Kris Jenner Show ?

    Kris Jenner posts a picture on her Facebook page of herself holding a baby and encouraging everyone to watch her new talk show. Are...
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    VIDEOS: Lamar Odom & other blue ribbon celeb freak-outs

    Can you imagine a life where you can’t make a move without someone crawling up your backside with a camera? You could no longer...
  19. Parenting

    Mommy tweets: Britney Spears’ new video, Busy Philipps’ baby Cricket, Brandi Glanville

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    What were on the minds and Twitter feeds of celebrity moms this week? Britney Spears shared her new music video which stars her two...
  20. Music

    "Black Skinhead" video leaked online and Kanye is mad

    A day after the video for Kanye West's "Black Skinhead" leaked online, West took to Twitter to voice his dismay.