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  1. Parenting

    Mommy tweets: Soleil Moon Frye, Kim K, Ivanka Trump, Fergie

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    What was on the minds and Twitter feeds of our favorite celebrity moms this week? Soleil Moon Frye shares the gender of baby number...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian & Kanye West: No marriage, lots of booty pics!

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    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West know how to keep things hot after baby — and that includes sexy Instagram pics and no marriage license.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian: Celeb swimsuit, side boob & shirtless selfies

    We thought selfies were just for friendless people who didn't have anything better to do on a Friday night, but these celebs are...
  4. Fashion & Style

    What your Halloween costume really says about you

    Halloween, it’s the one night of the year when adults get to be kids again. When it’s socially acceptable to put away our ‘sensible...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian's ring from Kris Humphries: Sold!

    Remember when Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian were married? The last remnant of their time together was sold at auction on Tuesday.
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian: Celebs who lost weight on the Atkins diet

    When the Atkins diet first gained popularity in the '90s, it was a dream come true because people could eat bacon and eggs three...
  7. Parenting

    Celeb mom style: Kim Kardashian’s cool camel coat

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    New mom Kim Kardashian looked gorgeous in her long Manuela camel coat and Alaia sandals as she attended Paris Fashion Week with...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Rob Kardashian doesn't really get what his family does

    Rob Kardashian is famous because of his family, but he is moving on and pursuing his own dreams. For the little brother in a famous...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Awww! Kim Kardashian shares another North West picture

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    Kim Kardashian is slowly introducing us to her 3-month-old daughter, North West. The reality star just posted a second photo of her...
  10. Parenting

    Mommy tweets: Glee ’s Heather Morris’ baby Elijah, Kim Kardashian, Snooki

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    What was on the minds and Twitter feeds of our favorite celebrity moms? Glee star Heather Morris welcomed a baby boy named Elijah,...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian's baby is better dressed than you

    What happened to giving a baby a bib or a rattle? Kim and Kanye's daughter gets expensive designer clothes that most of us can't...
  12. Fashion & Style

    Baby North West already has amazing style

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    What were you wearing when you were a toddler? Probably hand-me-downs from family and friends. But not baby North West: She's...
  13. Entertainment

    Hollywood-inspired Halloween costumes

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    Halloween is right around the corner and, if you're looking for ideas, Hollywood is rife with killer costume inspiration. Here are a...
  14. Entertainment

    Saturday Night Live and other weekend premieres

    Premiere season is here! This weekend brought us several premiere gems, and here are some of our favorites.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian ditches baby for Paris Fashion Week

    Kim Kardashian stole the limelight with her post-pregnancy appearance at Paris Fashion Week. However, baby North West was left at...
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Lamar Odom's dad rips the Kardashians apart

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    The father of Lamar Odom says if there is anyone to blame for his son's problems, it's his nasty in-laws — and what he has to say...
  17. Fashion & Style

    Kim Kardashian is back with yet another perfume!

    Kim Kardashian is back with a new fragrance that's perfect for weary mothers. It's called Pure Honey.
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Kanye West thinks he's a civil rights movement

    Kanye West has never been shy about his admiration for himself, but he has gone above and beyond with his new comments. West now...
  19. Movies

    Cinderella remake: Celebs we want cast as Disney princesses

    Disney is remaking Cinderella as a feature movie, with Lily James cast as our favorite childhood princess. That got us thinking,...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Kim Kardashian is keen to ditch her family

    Kim Kardashian is tired of the media circus that surrounds her family and wants to transform her image and be taken seriously. To do...