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    Zayn Malik and 14 other celebs' shockingly insightful quotes

    Many celebrities are known more for their skills than their smarts, as their public persona is the one we see most often. But as...
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    The EPA (mistakenly) sends out a Kardashian-related tweet

    The Environmental Protection Agency made a social media faux pas on Tuesday, thanks to the popular Kim Kardashian game. The agency's...
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    No love lost: Kim K doesn't have sympathy for brother Rob

    Rob Kardashian is clearly struggling with some personal issues, and his turmoil has been documented in the press. However, one...
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    Kim Kardashian video game is a mad moneymaker

    Kim Kardashian's reported video game profits make it seem as though she's able to make money without even trying. The woman who...
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    Brody Jenner's glad Reggie Bush didn't marry Kim K

    There has been much speculation as to whether Brody Jenner and Kim Kardashian are feuding since the The Hills alum decided to...
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    Brody Jenner not mad at Kim Kardashian

    Making sure fans know he's not mad at stepsister Kim Kardashian, Brody Jenner said he did not dis the reality maven by not attending...
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    Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush is a married man

    Reggie Bush has long forgotten his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The NFL player is now a married man after exchanging vows with his...
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    Kim Kardashian says motherhood made her sexier

    Motherhood has changed Kim Kardashian — in more ways than just one. The reality TV star gave birth to her daughter North West more...
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    Kim and Kanye are selling their dream home

    Kim Kardashian and Kanye West might have bought their dream home in January 2013, but they are now flipping it to make a profit. It...
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    Kim Kardashian says women can have it all, but she's wrong

    Can women have it all? I know, as a woman reader, you are looking for a very specific answer. You are searching for that validating...
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    Back off, work: Kim Kardashian re-prioritizes Kanye over career

    Kim Kardashian isn't afraid to admit becoming a mom and marrying (for the third time) has caused her to reevaluate where she spends...
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    Kim Kardashian & family pray with pastor

    Kim Kardashian and her famous family had a low-key and spiritual Sunday as they attended a church service with the pastor who...
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    Kim Kardashian's advice on how to balance work and family

    Kim Kardashian is a brand-new wife and mom and she admits taking it all on has been a learning process. Kardashian and her husband,...
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    Quiz: How many of these news items did you catch from the first half of 2014?

    It's been an eventful year already, and it's only half over. From the Olympics to celeb weddings to healthcare, how much have you...
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    Celebrity moms' favorite swimsuits (and where to buy them)

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    Swimsuit season has arrived, which means celebrity moms have been spotted showing off their fabulous swimsuits (and bods!) on the...
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    PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian punk'd us with new blond hair

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    Kim Kardashian went blond again yesterday — but only for a little while.
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    What do Hillary Clinton & Kim K have in common?

    You don't expect to hear Kim Kardashian and Hillary Clinton in the same sentence, but Newt Gingrich has decided to compare these two...
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    Kim Kardashian retreats on Beverly Hills Hotel boycott

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    Kim Kardashian says the only people being punished by the boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel are the employees — not the man who...
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    VIDEO: North West had a better birthday party than you

    It's good to be the daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. North West had a big birthday party to celebrate turning 1.
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    North West travels with nannies, not Kim and Kanye

    Do you agree with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's parenting style? The internet is buzzing about North West traveling with an...