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    Kiefer Sutherland made Freddie Prinze, Jr. want to quit acting

    Freddie Prinze, Jr. hasn't been incredibly vocal in the last few decades, but he has continued the acting game. The actor told ABC...
  2. Television

    Comic-Con 2014: 24 movie still has "potential"

    You don't have to be in San Diego to know the scene at the 24: Live Another Day panel was just a little emotionally intense. Fans...
  3. Television

    24: Live Another Day Season 2 needs to happen and here's why

    The 24: Live Another Day finale went out with a bang, a couple deaths and a tragically sad ending. But we think Jack should live...
  4. Television

    24: Live Another Day review: Jack has nothing left to lose

    Jack rushes to capture Cheng in time to prevent a war with China, but after a different kind of tragedy, he may just decide he has...
  5. Television

    24: Live Another Day review: Holding all the cards

    The good guys took more than a few beatings, thanks to Jack and Audrey's old enemy in 24: Live Another Day "9:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m."
  6. Television

    24: Live Another Day review: Here come the nukes

    Jack catches Steve but loses the override device and is shocked to discover whose hands it ends up in during the episode "8:00 p.m....
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    24: Live Another Day review: New challenge accepted

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    Jack and the rest of the good guys have a minor victory, but the triumph is short-lived when a new threat rears its head in "7:00...
  8. Television

    24: Live Another Day review: The Jack and Heller show

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    Jack helps Heller initiate his plan with the help of Mark, Kate makes a tough decision to get the truth out of Simone and Jordan...
  9. Television

    24: Live Another Day review: A final sacrifice?

    Simone survives the bus accident but is nearly killed by a new danger while Jack and Kate try to get whatever information they can...
  10. Television

    24: Live Another Day : 5 Reasons Kate is our new hero

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    Kate has been stealing the show away from Jack on 24: Live Another Day and we've got five reasons why she is now our new hero.
  11. Television

    24: Live Another Day review: Bang and blame

    Jack is briefly reunited with Audrey, Margot's plan is partially put into play, Naveed tries to be a hero and Kate works with Chloe...
  12. Television

    24: Live Another Day review: Help from above

    Jack gets into the embassy, finding himself trapped and forced to take hostages, but ends up getting help from someone he never...
  13. Television

    24: Live Another Day review: It's the end of the world

    Jack is still a fugitive and pops up in London, but when he's caught it turns out he has very different reasons for being there than...
  14. Television

    INTERVIEW: Kim Raver spills on the new "extreme, caffeinated version of 24 "

    24 fans, rejoice! The politically charged series is returning to TV, with Kiefer Sutherland at the helm as Jack Bauer. Also...
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    9 Movie actors turned TV stars

    More often than not, it’s small screen actors that aim to make the leap from television to movies. However, some incredible movie...
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    Kiefer Sutherland strips in Canada

    Kiefer Sutherland recently enjoyed a wild night out in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, during a break in filming for the movie Redemption .
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    Scarlett Johansson & other celebs who are twins

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    There are celebs we know are twins, like Tia and Tamera, and then there are those we had no idea shared the womb with a sibling....
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    Kevin Hart isn't alone: 7 other celeb mug shots

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    It was no laughing matter on Saturday when Los Angeles traffic police arrested comedian and actor Kevin Hart on suspicion of drunken...
  19. Movies

    Kiefer Sutherland to terrorize Pompeii as villain

    Kiefer Sutherland's found himself on the wrong side of the law... in film. The actor has joined the cast of Paul W.S. Anderson's...
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    Kiefer Sutherland swears the 24 movie will happen

    Perk up, 24 fans! Kiefer Sutherland claims the feature-length version of the beloved television drama will happen. But there are a...