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    PG-rated movies for the whole family

    Kid-appropriate movies don't have to mean a boring night for Mom. These PG-rated flicks will keep the whole family entertained.
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    10 Kids movies that are awesome for adults too

    Curling up on the couch and watching a movie with your kids can be a wonderful way to spend an evening at home. But, you know, we...
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    Other kids' toys we'd like to see made into movies

    The breakout success of The LEGO® Movie got our brain gears turning. What if a few of our other favorite childhood toys got the...
  4. Family Fun

    LEGO superfan creates adorable kid-friendly web series

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    Looking for family-friendly YouTube videos? Vlogging superstar and LEGO superfan Evan of EvanTubeHD has racked up hundreds of...
  5. Family Fun

    Assembling a good time with The LEGO Movie

    I haven't been this excited about an animated film in a long time. The LEGO® Movie is great entertainment for the entire family....
  6. Family Fun

    The Nut Job quiz: Name that actor trivia

    The upcoming animated film The Nut Job is not only hilarious but has an all-star voice cast that will help make it just as funny...
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    10 Animated movies coming out this year

    These days animated films aren't just for kids. They're something the whole family can enjoy. We're especially excited about these...
  8. Toddler & Preschoolers

    Our favorite kid-friendly flicks

    This holiday season, round up the family for a movie night that's sure to satisfy both young and old. We love these unique and...
  9. Family Fun

    Make your own movie night tickets

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    Get crafty for family movie night by making your own movie night tickets. Not only is this a fun family activity, but homemade movie...
  10. Family Fun

    Frightfully fun Halloween movies for kids of all ages

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    Spook yourself silly with this roundup of the best Halloween movies for kids of all ages.
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    The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure movie review:

    This movie brings interactive song and dance to a theater near you. Kids in the audience are encouraged by animated butterflies to...
  12. Family Fun

    Betty White talks The Lorax , the environment and the Emmys

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    Over the years, we've seen Betty White in a number of terrific roles, from Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show to Rose...
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    How to choose a movie for family night

    When it comes to spending quality time with the whole family, few things bring us together like watching a movie. After the kids are...
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    Most-loved movie characters for kids

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    When you think about a fantastic movie character, you think of humor, vulnerability, moral conscience and more. Kids might have a...
  15. Family Fun

    Best kids' movies of the summer

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    As the summer drags on, you may be running out of cool kid-friendly ideas. Take a break from the heat, settle into a comfy chair and...
  16. Television

    Ellen DeGeneres uses iPhone's Siri to find Nemo

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    What would the story of Finding Nemo be like with today's modern technology? Watch as Ellen DeGeneres, voice of Dory, gives the film...
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    Nemo supersized! Watch Finding Nemo 3D trailer

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    Many of our favorite classic kid’s movies are getting a 3D makeover, including Finding Nemo. Watch the re-release trailer of...
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    Jason Segel and Amy Adams share their love for The Muppets

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    After years of planning, Jason Segel’s muppet masterpiece is finally arriving in theaters. SheKnows hit the green carpet at The...
  19. Family Fun

    10 Classic Christmas movies kids love

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    Christmas is just around the corner! Spread the holiday cheer with these unforgettable classic Christmas movies for kids.
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    Puss in Boots star Salma Hayek says daughter wants to act

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    Salma Hayek, a.k.a. “Kitty Softpaws," spills on why she chose the role and how her daughter Valentina wants to follow in her boot...