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  1. Family Fun

    Free activities for kids

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    Running out of ideas — and money — to keep your kids entertained? Try a free kids activity! SheKnows has four great free activities...
  2. Kids Activity Center

    Wet and wild games to play at home

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    Nothing announces the arrival of summer like a bathing suit and a sprinkler, but when your kids tire of jumping through the water's...
  3. Kids Activity Center

    Plan a spring scavenger hunt with your kids

    Spring is in full bloom! Don’t let your kids watch it arrive through the windows -- have them experience it more completely with a...
  4. Movies

    Adam Sandler's got a sweet tooth for Candy Land

    Candy Land is coming to a theater near you. The popular board game is being turned into a live action film with funnyman Adam...
  5. Family Fun

    Letter games for preschoolers

    Engage your children with fun, educational games and activities during their preschool years. Play these letter games with your kids...
  6. School & Education

    Kiddie tech: 4 educational apps and games for kids

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    Technology isn't just for adults and teens anymore. Each and every year, we see more and more technology rolled out to engage kids...
  7. Parenting Articles

    Best free online games for kids

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    Even your kids have discovered the treasure trove that is the Internet, and they want to have their fun online just like the rest of...