kids discipline

  1. Child Development & Health

    Keeping your cool when kids act out

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    It's often said that we're living with our best teacher, and nowhere is that more true than as a parent to our children. Who else...
  2. Age by Age

    The secret to well-behaved kids

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    "My kids absolutely refuse to cooperate with me. Just this morning, my eleven-year old son gave me a dirty look when I asked him to...
  3. Child Development & Health

    Avoiding power struggles: Parenting without bribes or threats

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    Do you ever feel like you and your children are in a constant power struggle, and they seem to have the upper hand? Author and...
  4. School Age Kids

    The power of "I'm sorry" when you really mean it

    When the kids are disciplined for various reasons, I insist, after we have all calmed down a bit and discussed what has happened,...