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    Match the outrageous Hangover quote to its Hangover star

    Think of yourself as an honorary member of the Wolfpack? Test your knowledge of the Hangover gang by matching up the shocking...
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    PHOTOS: Celebs get the Vulcan makeover

    With the Star Trek into Darkness release just around the corner, we're reminded of the cult-like Trekkies who live and breathe all...
  3. Entertainment

    The cast of Community will live forever as puppets

    The cast of Community will live on way past the show's expiration date, not just in the hearts of the fans but as felt-covered...
  4. Music

    Billboard Music Awards welcome Britney Spears, honor Justin Bieber

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    The Billboard Music Awards hit up Sin City Sunday night, with big winners including Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and Rihanna. It also...
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    Watch The Hangover 2 trailer!

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    The wolfpack is back! The Hangover 2 trailer has just been released -- and, from the looks of it, Thailand makes Las Vegas look...
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    Mel Gibson will appear in The Hangover 2

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    Mel Gibson will be making an appearance in The Hangover 2 !
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    Despicable Me's Julie Andrews: Mother Knows Best

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    Julie Andrews stars in Despicable Me and shares with us exclusively her view on how Mother Knows Best in our exclusive clip from...