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  1. Movies

    Exclusive behind-the-scenes of Katy Perry: Part of Me

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    Exclusive backstage interviews with the queen of blue hair show a real, sensitive, and very determined young woman, Katy Perry....
  2. Music

    Katy Perry opens up about her divorce & record label

    Katy Perry is getting ready for the launch of her 3D concert film Part of Me . But in a new interview, she opens up about her past...
  3. Music

    Katy Perry gets naked at Much Music Awards... or not

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    Katy Perry made the boys drool when she wore a nude bodysuit at the 2012 Much Music Awards. Critics think she was showing off way...
  4. Entertainment

    Second round of Teen Choice Award nominees announced

    We've heard it before. Vampires are king, musicians are actors. What does the second round of nominees have that the first round...
  5. Entertainment

    Russell Brand opens up about Katy Perry

    Brand opens up about their relationship, how he still loves Katy and how sometimes things just don't work out.
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Katy Perry refuses to take ex out of Part of Me

    To Russell Brand's dismay, Katy Perry is keeping him in her biopic Part of Me and, perhaps for the British comedian anyway,...
  7. Music

    Katy Perry snuggles up to soldiers during Fleet Week

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    Katy Perry is single and ready to mingle! What better way to celebrate her new single status than by snuggling up to sexy soldiers...
  8. Fashion & Style

    Billboard Awards 2012: A sexy recap

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    Here's a Billboard rundown with a twist!
  9. Fashion & Style

    Best dressed at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards

    Stars from the music world came together on Sunday night for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. Let's take a look at some of the best...
  10. Hair

    Beauty trends at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards

    At the Billboard Music Awards, we were more interested in what the celebrities were wearing -- their gowns, their hair and their...
  11. Fashion & Style

    Best dressed at the Billboard Music Awards

    The Billboard Music Awards aired last night and this is one of those shows where stars really show their personalities! There were...
  12. Television

    MTV Movie Awards nab Russell Brand -- will he face Katy?

    Russell Brand is set to work with MTV again as host of the 2012 MTV Movie Awards in June. If Katy Perry shows up, just how awkward...
  13. Television

    Kelly Rowland out, Katy Perry in on British X Factor ?

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    There's a shakeup amongst the British X Factor judges -- but it's all about the Americans. See who's probably out and who might...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Katy Perry packs on Coachella PDA with Florence's man

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    It's out with the comedian and in with a rocker for Katy Perry! The singer and the Florence + the Machine guitarist, Robert Ackroyd,...
  15. Hair

    Katy Perry's new purple hair: Love it or leave it?

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    Sometimes, it seems like Katy Perry is determined to wear her hair in every color of the rainbow, doesn't it? Well, she's at it...
  16. Music

    Katy Perry wants success without the fame

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    Is Katy Perry getting jaded? The star says she loves creating but is so over being famous. Read on to find out why.
  17. Movies

    Katy Perry's missed movie opportunity

    Katy Perry wants to be a bonafide actress. The singer's testing the waters and looking for a breakout role. Unfortunately, because...
  18. Music

    Wanna star in Katy Perry's new movie? Now you can

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    Katy Perry is taking a page out of the Justin Bieber playbook with her upcoming 3D concert movie Katy Perry: Part of Me , out this...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Russell Brand's Katy Perry feelings equal "zero-ness"

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    Expecting Russell Brand to fall apart post-divorce from Katy Perry? Prepare to be surprised just how cool, calm and collected the...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Take that, Katy Perry: Russell Brand's got a new gal

    Katy Perry might be single and ready to mingle, but ex-hubby Russell Brand is ready for another long-term relationship. Find out...