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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    10 Celebrity smokers and how they quit

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    If your big resolution this new year is to kick your bad habit of lighting up, we've got some inspiration for you in the form of 10...
  2. Television

    Girls on film: TV's strongest chicks

    Despite the copious amount of whiny and weak female characters that clog up the television, there are quite a few bad*ss ladies on...
  3. Television

    Arrow Recap: Lethal injection

    Oliver stops at nothing to bring down the man responsible for unleashing dangerous drugs in Starling City. Not even a bad high is...
  4. Television

    Arrow recap: It's getting hot in here

    While Oliver's been recovering from his run-in with the archer six weeks ago, a new villain has arrived in Starling City and he's...
  5. Television

    Arrow recap: Heartbroken Arrow

    Despite his many attempts to change her, the Green Arrow gets his heart broken when he falls for bad girl Helena.
  6. Television

    Arrow recap: Crucible

    The Hood makes a new lady friend when he hunts down an assassin who nearly killed his mother. He’s in for an unexpected surprise,...
  7. Television

    Arrow recap: A family that steals together

    Dig and Oliver join forces to take down a family of bank robbers who just have to complete one last heist. What could go wrong?
  8. Television

    Arrow recap: Enter Deathstroke

    Oliver must dodge accusations that he's "The Hood" before the truth gets out, things get steamy with Laurel, and an infamous villain...
  9. Television

    Arrow recap: The Hood gets caught!

    Doesn't it normally take forever for the authorities to uncover the identity of a vigilante in worlds where heros run around in...
  10. Television

    Arrow recap: Deadshot

    So, we already know that Oliver Queen has a hit list of local villains a mile long, but what happens when he runs into another...
  11. Television

    Arrow recap: Resurrection

    It's hard being a celebrity back from the dead and keeping your archer-hero identity under wraps, but throw some angry women on top...
  12. Television

    Arrow recap: The hunt for justice

    A hooded crusader with a hit list has just arrived, and he's on a mission to save his city from the villains who are destroying it....
  13. Television

    Clip reveals Arrow's superhero origins

    Every superhero is born from tragedy. The CW's Arrow is no different. The character gets roughed up physically and emotionally...
  14. Television

    Arrow is the hand of justice in action-packed preview

    October can't get here fast enough. Next month, The CW will unleash its new action-packed series, Arrow. Based on the Green Arrow...