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    VIDEO: Settle down, Beliebers, Justin Bieber is not retiring

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    Justin Bieber says he's retiring soon at the ripe old age of 19, but his camp says not so fast, sport.
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    Do celebrities' fans take it too far?

    The new bullies aren't big kids looking for lunch money, but pop music fans. There's no one quite as vicious as a fan girl. Are your...
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    One Direction fans send racist tweets about Lorde's boyfriend

    Lorde hasn't tried to make friends in the entertainment industry, but One Direction and Justin Bieber fans have crossed the line...
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    Did Justin Bieber call his fan a beached whale?

    Justin Bieber may have just lost a fan and upset a hotel guest in the process when he mocked a young woman for her curvy figure. Is...
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    Justin Bieber claims he's attacked by media every day

    Justin Bieber said he gets attacked by the media every day in a way that's no different than kids being bullied at school.
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    VIDEO: Justin Bieber gets sexy with blonde in "All That Matters"

    Justin Bieber makes out with a sexy blonde in his just released music video for the "All That Matters" single.
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    VIDEOS: What do VS models, Bieber & Lorde have in common?

    The line between sexy and dorky is a fragile one, and like all interpretation, it is subjective. So we have to ask: Are these new...
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    Justin Bieber fans drive Lauren Pope away

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    Justin Bieber adores his fans and loves to make "Beliebers" happy. However, some of his hard-core fans aren't as generous and want...
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    9 Funny celeb Elf on the Shelf memes

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    We've taken one of our favorite holiday traditions, the Elf on the Shelf, and kicked things up a notch. Because who doesn't want...
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    10 Celebrities who are trying to ruin Christmas

    If there is one thing we need to get straight, it's that being a celebrity does not give you license to make bad Christmas music,...
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    If these naughty celebs had Christmas cards, this is what they'd look like

    The holidays are upon us! For many of us, that means sending loved ones greeting cards filled with cheer. Since we likely won't be...
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    Justin Bieber ordered to clean up his act and his graffiti

    Justin Bieber is not done with his wild antics and graffiti-creating ways. He has left his artwork in unwanted places again, this...
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    POLL: Are Lorde's celebrity insults becoming a royal pain?

    When Lorde first started taking jabs at other pop culture icons, we were grateful that someone in the limelight said what a lot of...
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    Justin Bieber delivers the goods in new perfume ad

    Justin Bieber has turned into quite the perfume mogul. His latest fragrance has its own short film in time for the holiday season.
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    Miley, Biebs among the year's least influential people

    Some celebs may be in the headlines all year, but they may not influence anyone. GQ names its least influential people of the year.
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    Drake and other celeb shirtless selfies shared this week

    The weather may be cooling down, but celebs like Drake heated up the web this week via shirtless selfies.... and some managed to...
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    Justin Bieber: This AMA snub is un-beliebable

    What a difference a year and some caught-on-tape unruly behavior can make! The apple of America's teen eye, Justin Bieber, took home...
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    Justin Bieber DGAF what the haters say

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    Justin Bieber says we can keep talking about him all we want — he doesn't care.
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    Mexican president denies meeting Justin Bieber

    Justin Bieber happily announced he met the president of Mexico and his family as part of his concert stop in the country. Problem...
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    Justin Bieber's guests to pay $3 million if they blab about bash

    Justin Bieber's party guests were forced to sign a confidentiality agreement that said they'd pay $3 million if they blabbed about...