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    INTERVIEW: What Zendaya thinks of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & more

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    She sings, she dances, she acts... multi-talented teen Zendaya is what you'd call a classic triple threat. SheKnows caught up with...
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    Conor Maynard won't follow in Justin Bieber's footsteps

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    Justin Bieber has been tempted by the underbelly of Hollywood. However, fellow pop star Conor Maynard is determined not to make the...
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    How Justin Bieber & more stars are spending Valentine's Day

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    How are your favorite stars spending Valentine's Day? We hit Twitter to find out!
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    Justin Bieber looking for real estate in Atlanta

    Justin Bieber, who appears to be going by the name of Bizzle now, reportedly wants to move to Atlanta and start a new hip-hop career.
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    Internet hoax? Justin Bieber gets a smack from Blake Griffin

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    Did Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin actually hit Justin Bieber? A story floating around the internet claims this is all true.
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    If Kevin Hart were Justin Bieber, he'd buy a monkey too

    Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber have become friends over the years, and Hart is the latest to offer some advice to the troubled teen.
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    Groping groupies too much for Justin Bieber's wax statue

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    Justin Bieber's wax statue is no longer a thing of beauty. Overzealous fans posing for pics with the pop star's model have done a...
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    Michelle Obama to Justin Bieber's parents: "Pull him close"

    Michelle Obama is balancing raising two children while in the spotlight. She decided to offer some other very famous parents her...
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    Justin Bieber claims Selena Gomez is a drunk & it's not his fault

    Justin Bieber allegedly claims that Selena Gomez is a drunk and he's not the one to blame for it, as her addictions are all on her.
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    Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & Kimye: Celeb Facebook movies

    Facebook is blowing up with Facebook movies. Here, we've saved celebrities the trouble and made their Facebook movies for them.
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    10 Celebrities with the most followers on Facebook

    It's hard to believe Facebook has been around for a decade. SheKnows takes a look at the Top 10 celebrity fan pages on the social...
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    Justin Bieber is suddenly free for Valentine's Day

    Justin Bieber has been in and out of trouble for months, but he got a lucky break in a Miami court when he pleaded not guilty to a...
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    Justin Bieber spent Saturday night looking to get baptized

    After a slew of law-breaking incidents and controversial issues, Justin Bieber apparently wanted to get spiritual help and get...
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    10 Printable celebrity Valentine's Day cards

    Want to make the object of your desire starry-eyed this Valentine's Day? We've got you covered. Print, pin, tweet or mail one of our...
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    Justin Bieber's plane searched for drugs

    Another day, another Justin Bieber story. On Friday, the singer was held in New Jersey while his private plane was searched for...
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    Want Justin Bieber deported? Talk to DHS, says White House

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    The petition to deport Justin Bieber has gotten the attention of the White House, but it will probably not have the result the...
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    Miley Cyrus to Justin Bieber: "Pay people" to stay out of trouble

    Miley Cyrus had some great words of wisdom for Justin Bieber and told him he should pay people to keep him out of trouble.
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    Billy Ray Cyrus wants to chill in a teepee with Justin Bieber

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    Justin Bieber needs a break, says Billy Ray Cyrus — and Cyrus is just the one to make it happen.
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    Justin Bieber gets advice from an unlikely source: Barry Gibb

    Justin Bieber could sure use some advice right now, and he has received some from someone who has been through it all, Barry Gibb.
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    Justin Bieber pleads not guilty despite Xanax, pot results

    Justin Bieber pleads not guilty to DUI charges although toxicology reports show he was high on weed and Xanax during his arrest.