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    Biebs posts pic of Selena Gomez via Instagram, again

    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have confused the world with their on-again-off again relationship once more. This time Biebs has...
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    Justin Bieber racism row: "Hardest thing I've ever dealt with"

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    Justin Bieber is facing accusations of racism head-on — but has the public finally had enough of his childish antics?
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    Justin Bieber responds to racism scandal with Bible passage

    Justin Bieber is in hot water yet again, and apparently he's turning to the Bible for some help.
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    One less lonely racist: Another shocking Justin Bieber video

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    Just days after being forced to apologize for using racist terms in a years-old video, Justin Bieber is in the hot seat again.
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    VIDEO: Lady Gaga wants The Biebs' manager to revive her career

    Lady Gaga wants Scooter Braun to save her career after a year of floundering concert ticket and album sales.
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    He did what? Bieber tells racist joke, but insists he's sorry

    Justin Bieber has once again found himself under fire for doing something moronic. This time it's for a racist joke that he told...
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    The Biebs ranks No. 5 in most hated men in America list

    Justin Bieber's antics have made him one of the most despised people in the U.S.
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    Justin Bieber hooked up with 32-year-old model Adriana Lima

    Justin Bieber's path of destruction at Cannes reportedly included two Victoria's Secret models, and one was 12 years older than him.
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    VIDEO: Justin Bieber cozies up to Barbara Palvin at Cannes

    Justin Bieber is living it up in Cannes, and he might have his sights set on a Victoria's Secret model.
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    Huh? Robert Pattinson defends Justin Bieber

    Perhaps one of the only remaining Justin Bieber supporters out there, Robert Pattinson stood up for the troubled Canadian pop star,...
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    Selena Gomez takes power back: How does she define power?

    Early in the week, Selena Gomez took to Instagram to share a bikini shot, explaining that she was "taking her power back." Hmmm. How...
  12. Music

    Is Axl Rose the greatest singer of all time? Not quite

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    Axl Rose is pretty awesome, but is he the greatest singer of all time? Not exactly.
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    Dis! Selena Gomez blocks Bieber on her phone

    Has Gomez finally shut down the Biebs for good?
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    Drake Bell to Beliebers: "Where are your parents?"

    Drake Bell laments the irresponsibility of Justin Bieber's behavior when it comes to fans and wants to know where all the young...
  15. Music

    10 Things you didn't know about Ariana Grande

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    Nickelodeon star and pop darling Ariana Grande is poised to cap off her monumental year with a Top New Artist win at the 2014...
  16. Music

    Billboard Music Awards predictions: 8 Things that must happen

    The Billboard Music Awards air this Sunday, and we have no doubt there will be plenty of moments that make for good tabloid fodder....
  17. Television

    10 Most memorable Barbara Walters moments

    After more than 50 years on the air, 84-year-old Barbara Walters retires this Friday, leaving behind a rich legacy of broadcast...
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    Hmm, has Justin Bieber seen the light? His tweets suggest so

    Justin Bieber has had a tough few months and a few run-ins with the law, but has this latest allegation of attempted robbery made...
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    Selena Gomez was not pregnant in 2012

    It's just not true. Despite one tabloid's insistence that Selena Gomez miscarried Justin Bieber's baby, the story is false.
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    Bad boy Bieber investigated by LAPD for attempted robbery

    Justin Bieber's troubles continue: The pop star is now under police investigation after he allegedly committed an attempted robbery.