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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Justin Bieber hitches a ride up the Great Wall of China

    Justin Bieber experienced The Great Wall of China in a different way than most. He did not walk up the historical landmark —...
  2. Music

    Who made Billboard 's list of the top 21 artists under 21?

    Billboard has come out with its list of the top 21 artists under 21. Check out who made the cut and should be celebrating the honor...
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    Timberlake, Bieber & Kanye: This week's killer spoofs

    Our kings of comedy killed it this week. It's Friday and let's face it, mentally it's already the weekend. We're making your Friday...
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    VIDEO: Justin Bieber becomes latest victim of Zach Galifianakis

    Zach Galifianakis is back at it with his online "talk show" Between Two Ferns . And the latest star to fall prey to his jokes is...
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    Justin Timberlake: When superstars become starstruck

    It's hard to comprehend that some of our favorite celebrities are also fans, and when they meet their idol, they stammer and drool...
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    Who's Billboard's hottest artist under 21?

    Billboard.com is honoring music's underage superstars. They've released a list of 21 artists who can headline concerts but not...
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    VIDEO: Miley Cyrus is a mentor to Justin Bieber

    Miley Cyrus had a lot to say in the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine. Not only does she talk about herself, but she gives...
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    Justin Bieber kicks Lil Twist and Lil Za out of his house

    Justin Bieber kicked Lil Twist and Lil Za out of his mansion because some expensive jewelry went missing.
  9. Entertainment

    Celeb #TBT pics: Justin Bieber, Reba McEntire & more

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    It's your favorite celebrities... long, long ago! We've rounded up this week's best #TBT pictures from some of your favorite stars.
  10. Music

    Justin Bieber sings topless in new "Lolly" video

    Justin Bieber tried to look grown up by going shirtless while singing in the new Maejor Ali rap video for "Lolly."
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    Selena Gomez is bothered by what Beliebers say about her

    Unlike her BFF Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez does allow herself to read what people write about her. But she says it's most unfair when...
  12. Music

    Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus team up to "Twerk"

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    Just when you thought you could get those awkward Miley Cyrus twerking images out of your brain, she showed us all she had more...
  13. Music

    Justin Bieber and Michael Jackson duet leaked online

    He may have left us a few years ago, but new music from Michael Jackson may be just around the corner — if Justin Bieber has...
  14. Music

    Proof that Austin Mahone is moving in on Justin Bieber

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    Looks like they don't call him "Baby Bieber" for nothing! With an "Artist to Watch" nomination and a much-hyped performance slated...
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    Justin Bieber can't wait to get married and have lots of kids

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    Justin Bieber is young and (always) in love, but what he really wants is to be able to settle down and have a family of his own. But...
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    Leif Garrett tells Justin Bieber: Don't believe the hype

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    Justin Bieber won't listen to his mother, but perhaps he will listen to former teen idol Leif Garrett. The 51-year-old gives advice...
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    Justin Bieber's naked serenade with nothing but a guitar

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    Just Bieber apparently got naked with a guitar to serenade his grandma at a family gathering last November.
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    Want to date Tom Parker? He's "not fussy"

    The Wanted's Tom Parker has revealed he has no preference when it comes to the type of girl he goes for. In fact, the band seems to...
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    Selena Gomez: Celebrity post-breakup grudge videos & pics

    Nothing will bring out a girl’s inner sex-kitten like a breakup. Celebrities are no different — they just have better forms of...
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    Mark Wahlberg tells Bieber to stop smoking weed

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    Mark Wahlberg has some advice for Justin Bieber: If you want to keep your career going past the whole teen idol thing, you'd better...