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  1. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    New couple alert: Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran

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    Selena Gomez appears to be putting the Justin Bieber drama behind her as she begins a new summer romance with British singer Ed...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Justin Bieber involved in accident with pedestrian

    While leaving a Sunset comedy club on Monday night, Justin Bieber pinned a paparazzi between his Ferrari and another car, bringing...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Billy Ray Cyrus: Couples whose celeb kids broke them up

    Miley Cyrus’ parents, Billy Ray and Tish, are calling it quits after 19 years of marriage. Assuming the marriage is over due to...
  4. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Miley Cyrus denies Justin Bieber romance rumors

    Miley Cyrus calls in to a radio station denying rumors that she's involved with Justin Bieber, announcing that she's engaged and...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Justin Bieber sued by photographer for gun incident

    Justin Bieber is being sued by a photographer for allegedly masterminding an attack that involved a gun. Did the Biebs and his...
  6. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Selena Gomez: Justin Bieber a prop for celebrity status?

    Cold and calculating? Insiders say Selena Gomez uses her tabloid-friendly relationship with Justin Bieber to rapidly raise her...
  7. Entertainment

    Justin Bieber signs up for space flight with Virgin Galactic

    Justin Bieber has reportedly added his name to the list of celebrities that are signed up for a space flight with Virgin Galactic....
  8. Music

    Justin Bieber shares artwork for new single "Heartbreaker"

    Justin Bieber uses Instagram to tease his new single "Heartbreaker" and share an image of the cover artwork with his fans.
  9. Celebrity Relationships

    John Travolta crashes a Georgia wedding

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    John Travolta surprised a Georgia couple over the weekend by crashing their wedding rehearsal. Then, he showed up at the wedding!
  10. Music

    In defense of Justin Bieber

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    There are a lot of non-Beliebers out there, but is all this Justin Bieber backlash really necessary? I say no, and here are five...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Bill Hader disses Bieber, praises Timberlake on Howard Stern

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    Former Saturday Night Live cast member Bill Hader talked about two guest hosts on Howard Stern . He dissed Justin Bieber while...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Bon Jovi calls Bieber an a-hole, joins list of celeb unBeliebers

    This is just getting sad. A cute kid hits phenomenal success with his catchy teen beats then systematically derails in public. You...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Blab about Justin Bieber's parties, get sued

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    Justin Bieber has found a way to control the gossiping in his inner circle. All of his guests must sign a non-disclosure agreement...
  14. Drinks, Drugs & Rehab

    Jon Bon Jovi: Richie Sambora is replaceable

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    Jon Bon Jovi is becoming vocally frustrated with Richie Sambora's personal issues, and his comments are starting to verge on the nasty.
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Will Justin Bieber's monkey end up in a zoo?

    Justin Bieber's pet monkey, Mally, awaits his fate in Germany. Will the singer's former pet end up in a zoo?
  16. Celebrity Gossip

    Taylor Swift totally thinks Justin Bieber is gross

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    Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber aren't exactly friends, judging from a moment they shared backstage at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.
  17. Music

    The 6 craziest moments at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

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    The 2013 Billboard Music Awards was full of crazy performances — and even crazier speeches when the winners accepted their trophies....
  18. Music

    2013 BBMAs showcase diversity and the best in music

    The Billboard Music Awards base the winners only on what's at the top of the charts. So this year's show focused on performances...
  19. Music

    Justin Bieber wins Billboard Music Awards' Milestone Award

    Three amazing artists were nominated for the Milestone Award, the only fan-chosen award at the Billboard Music Awards. In the end,...
  20. Music

    Adam Levine vs. Justin Bieber: Who'll do the most damage in Vegas?

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    Two of music's hottest pop stars are going to hit Vegas for the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Who will do the most damage? We weigh in.