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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Justin Bartha welcomes a baby girl

    It's the new normal for actor Justin Bartha as he and his wife welcomed a baby girl into the world last week.
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Are Justin Bartha and his bride expecting a baby?

    The Hangover 's Justin Bartha has been married only a few days, but rumors of a brand new baby have already begun.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    The Hangover's Justin Bartha is married

    The Hangover star Justin Bartha has finally gotten his happy ending. The actor wed the love of his life, Lia Smith, in an intimate...
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    Match the outrageous Hangover quote to its Hangover star

    Think of yourself as an honorary member of the Wolfpack? Test your knowledge of the Hangover gang by matching up the shocking...
  5. Television

    New Normal star calls cancellation "bittersweet"

    The New Normal is no more. It wasn't renewed for Season 2, leaving fans in limbo. Star Justin Bartha recently spoke out about...
  6. Television

    Catch up on The New Normal

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    NBC's The New Normal is a modern and funny sitcom about the family you have and the family you create for yourself. It may have a...
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    The New Normal review: Anything but average

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    This spicy comedy will have you laughing out loud if not peeing in your pants (in a good way)! Ellen Barkin graces television...
  8. Television

    The New Normal gets a super-sized, heartfelt preview

    The New Normal is almost here! The comedy makes its big debut Tuesday night, and NBC is giving it one final push. The network has...
  9. Television

    NBC's The New Normal proves that gay is here to stay

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    From the creators of Glee comes a new type of family. Combine a flamboyantly gay couple with a surrogate mother, her daughter and...
  10. Television

    Utah station refuses to air The New Normal

    For one Salt Lake City station, the show was just too much. But another station is more than happy to air it for the audiences in...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Why Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha called it quits

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    Ashley Olsen and her boyfriend, Justin Bartha, have split up. Insiders say his hard partying on the set of The Hangover 2 was too...
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    Watch The Hangover 2 trailer!

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    The wolfpack is back! The Hangover 2 trailer has just been released -- and, from the looks of it, Thailand makes Las Vegas look...
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    Mel Gibson will appear in The Hangover 2

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    Mel Gibson will be making an appearance in The Hangover 2 !