july feature

  1. Hair

    5 Clever patriotic ways to chalk your hair

    These patriotic hairstyles take hair chalking to the next level.
  2. Books

    10 Lessons from your favorite fictional American icons

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    There's so much to learn from books, and I'm not talking biology, algebra and world history. I'm talking life lessons.
  3. Décor & Style

    Fabulous American homes to inspire you

    It can't be denied that homeownership is part of the American dream. These beautiful homes are just some of the reasons why we will...
  4. Makeup

    6 Powerful American women and their beauty secrets

    Who says bold isn't beautiful? These powerful American women know how to work hard, but they also know how to turn heads with their...
  5. Entertainment

    8 Celebs who turned the American flag into bras, thongs

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    Hey, we're all proud to be Americans, right? So we aren't going to knock celebs for wearing their patriotism on their sleeves......
  6. Entertainment

    Transgender celebrities and their personal stories

    With transgender stars like Orange Is the New Black 's Laverne Cox portraying trans characters and DC Comics introducing the...
  7. Movies

    4 Heartrending documentaries that'll open your eyes about diversity

    With transgender actors landing starring roles on the big screen and as support for gay marriage grows, the LGBT community is seeing...
  8. Makeup

    Everything that's wrong with the term ethnic beauty

    Look, as my name suggests, I could not be more white. A name like Mary Katherine McCoy screams of western European privilege, and...
  9. Crafts

    Celebrate July 4th with this Declaration of Independence bunting

    Declare your independence from boring holiday decorations. This year, make this bunting that features words from the Declaration of...
  10. Crafts

    DIY jewelry: Patriotic earrings for July Fourth

    Celebrate the Fourth of July in style with these easy-to-make patriotic earrings. Using basic jewelry tools and a few supplies, you...
  11. Décor & Style

    10 Clever ways to decorate your home with red, white and blue

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    We love getting in the patriotic spirit to celebrate the 4th of July, and we're ready to show you how to stylishly decorate your...
  12. Entertainment

    10 Celebs who were in the military

    It may surprise you to know that some of the most famous entertainment veterans were also in the military.
  13. Living

    Quiz: Which American president are you?

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    Find out which president of the past you most resemble with this fun and silly quiz.
  14. Living

    Only in America: 7 Absurd things you won't see anywhere else

    Don't get us wrong... we're proud to be Americans. But, still, we realize our country has its, um, quirks. Here are a few of our...
  15. Careers

    These female entrepreneurs were millionaires by age 20

    Whether you're a 15-year-old with a dream or a 40-something starting over, these little ladies prove no one can tell you how old you...
  16. Living

    8 Big thinkers who changed America as we know it

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    Find inspiration in the eight people working to change the world, one step at a time.
  17. Crafts

    DIY craft idea: Festive fabric pinwheels for July Fourth

    I love seeing pinwheels in July Fourth decor. Paper pinwheels don't last very long, but these fabric ones will stay looking great...
  18. Love

    How is it being an interracial couple in America today?

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    Being in a relationship is tough enough — learning to balance your needs with your partner's, splitting holidays with families,...