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    What's next for the stars of The Hunger Games ?

    Fans of The Hunger Games are already antsy for the trilogy's next film. What will the cast be feasting on before reuniting to film...
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    Another picks a side: Elizabeth Banks is Team Peeta!

    Every fan has picked a side, and now the actors are swearing their allegiances! Elizabeth Banks shares why she's Team Peeta and...
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    Movie review: The Hunger Games

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    Katniss's dress isn't the only thing ablaze in The Hunger Games , whose tickets are already selling like wildfire! This may be the...
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    Hunger Games director wants nothing to do with Twilight

    Just because two film franchises both began as books and erupt into fan frenzies among teenagers doesn't mean they're anything alike...
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    Hunger Games: Is Josh Hutcherson Team Peeta or Gale?

    What does it take to prepare for a role in The Hunger Games ? Josh Hutcherson reveals the secrets behind his bulk and whether he's...
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    The Hunger Games style: Tribute-inspired fashion

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    Don't get it twisted: The Tributes in The Hunger Games are dressed for survival, not for fashion. We're the exact opposite: The...
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    New Hunger Games clip: Peeta gets personal

    The Hunger Games are coming! The Hunger Games are coming! In 10 days, fans will finally see Katniss, Peeta, Gale and the rest of the...
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    Movie review: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

    Who’s up for an adventure? Hard-body-hottie Dwayne Johnson is! He will take you and your family on a spectacular trek in Journey 2:...
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    Will The Hunger Games preview have you starved for more?

    In a sneak peek at the new trailer for The Hunger Games, viewers will get a glimpse of Jennifer Lawrence like they've never seen her...
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    It's a fight to the death in Hunger Games trailer

    The first Hunger Games trailer is here and it promises a little glam and a battle royale.
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    The men of The Hunger Games give a first look

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    A little while back we got our first glimpse of Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in the upcoming film The Hunger Games ....
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    Elizabeth Banks eyeing Hunger Games

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    Elizabeth Banks is in talks to play Effie Trinket in Hunger Games . So what is this about and why does this film seem to make as...
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    Hunger Games fills out its cast

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    Hunger Games finally has its Peeta and Gale. So, who are the lucky actors to star across from Jennifer Lawrence in the wildly...
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    Andrew Garfield is next Spiderman

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    Andrew Garfield scored the role of a lifetime and also secured his place in Spiderman history after today’s announcement by Columbia...