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    The Originals review: 1 Falls and a villain rises

    The Originals is taking a page from The Vampire Diaries ' playbook. Tuesday night's big plot twist and death revealed that no one...
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    The Originals review: Girls rule! Or want to, that is

    It's girls versus boys in this new battle on The Originals . Rebekah is sick of letting the guys rule and is ready to take the...
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    Will The Vampire Diaries ' Klaus and Caroline hook up?

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    The 100th episode may mark another milestone in The Vampire Diaries ' history. It may be the episode where Klaus and Caroline...
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    4 Scandalous spoilers for The Originals ' return

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    It's time to pick sides! A new dynamic is headed to The Originals , and big decisions are about to be made as lines are drawn....
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    The Originals spoilers: A mysterious witch joins the cast

    The Originals is adding one more supernatural to its show. Elyse Levesque has been cast as a new witch in town named Genevieve.
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    The Originals review: Klaus as a leader? Not so much

    In Klaus' first act as king of New Orleans on The Originals , a-hunting the vampires shall go. Genocide is only the first step in...
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    The Originals review: Forgive me Father

    Bless me Father for I have fallen in love with a vampire... or two. But come on! Klaus sheds a tear on tonight's episode of The...
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    The Originals sneak peek: There's a new she-wolf in town

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    Just because The Originals isn't new tonight, doesn't mean you can't find some spicy details about what's to come. We've got you...
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    The Originals review: Tyler arrives in New Orleans

    The crossover is here! But it's really hard to pay attention to Tyler's plot twist on The Originals when Elijah is walking around...
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    The Originals sneak peek: "Bloodletting"

    In the next episode of The Originals , all signs point to Tyler's entrance into the show. Will he help Hayley or is he the one who...
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    The Originals review: Elijah and Hayley heat things up

    This episode of The Originals was full of so many twists and turns it was definitely the craziest yet. The show is ramping up the...
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    The Originals review: Davina is switching sides

    And we thought we had the show figured out. Just when we're getting our bearings, The Originals throws the facts in a pot, gives...
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    The Originals review: Davina, girl on fire

    Aww, he really does care! Not only does he put Davina in her place, Klaus also proves tonight on The Originals he cares a lot more...
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    SPOILERS: 6 Plot twists in The Originals Season 1

    Just because Klaus is immortal doesn't mean he can't be hurt. We already know about Davina's mission to take down an original....
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    The Originals sneak peek: Klaus and Cami continue to bond

    Move over Marcel, Klaus and Cami have a real connection, which will continue to unfold in the upcoming episode. Maybe this time, he...
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    The Originals review: It's a Big Easy kind of party

    The Originals is finally getting to the heart of New Orleans. We're talking about parties, of course. Except, they're throwing...
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    The Originals review: Right to the romance

    Waiting to get past the repeat of last week was so worth it. Episode 2 is all about establishing a history of its own, separate from...
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    The Originals premiere review: Can we skip the repeat?

    A new twist on an old tale just wasn't as exciting as we'd hoped. Though the pilot was reshot from Elijah's perspective, it was...
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    The Originals ' sneak peek: New details about Episode 2

    Judging by the just-released photos, it looks like The Originals will be delving into some backstory in the second episode. We're...
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    The Originals : New series photos released

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    The photos reveal exciting new details about the premise of the show. It's clear there's going to be a lot of attitude as well as a...