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    Shia LaBeouf on acid and Ashton gone Steve Jobs

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    The Sundance Film Festival is upon us and with countless independent submissions and reviews, it's time we take a look at some of...
  2. Television

    The Critics' Choice Awards: All the details!

    Are you over your People's Choice Awards hangover yet? You'd better be, 'cause awards show season continues tonight with the...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    10 TV and movie couples we wish would get together like Mila and Ashton

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    We all have favorite on-screen couples, whether they’re on TV or in film. So when Ashton Kutcher hooked up with his That '70s Show...
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    Pitch Perfect sings its way to top DVD release

    Five exciting DVD releases just in time for the holidays. Whether you're looking for last-minute stocking stuffers, something for...
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    The Dark Knight rises to top DVD release

    Batman is making his way onto most wish lists this season, and with good reason. The Dark Knight Rises is well-deserving of this...
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    Has Justice League found its new Batman?

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    The Justice League is in dire need of the Caped Crusader. Now that Bruce Wayne's retired, a new hero has to fill his shoes. Rumor...
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    Movies to watch over the boring holiday break

    Halloween and Christmas hog most of the seasonal movie fun, but we managed to come up with a list of films perfectly suited for the...
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    Looper ’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt addresses his action-star status

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t your typical action star. With a gun in his hand and a glint in his eye though, Gordon-Levitt makes a...
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    Looper movie review: Bruce Willis’ homely honker

    Set in the future, this time-travel trailblazer demands paying attention to the details. We get to experience a character at...
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Who is more dateable: Channing Tatum or Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

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    Let's pretend for a second that Channing Tatum isn't married to Jenna Dewan-Tatum and that instead, you two met after his Magic Mike...
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a time-traveling Bruce Willis

    The actor is playing a younger Bruce Willis in his new movie, Looper. He talks about how an actor must learn to love a character he...
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    Premium Rush movie review: Tour de Manhattan

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a bike messenger with a mission: Make one very special delivery while being chased by a crooked cop who...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt shames GQ for getting it twisted

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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn't like to talk about his brother's death in public, okay? That doesn't mean that you can leap to...
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    Emotional Christian Bale intros The Dark Knight Rises clip

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    Fans were pumped to check out the latest footage from the third film in the Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, but for...
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Bruce Willis in Looper

    The new trailer for Looper , the time travel movie in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt is sent into the future to kill himself, aka Bruce...
  16. Music

    Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's sweet duet

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    Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt not only look good together -- they sound fantastic! Listen as the 500 Days of Summer...
  17. Entertainment

    10 Stars we want to see hook up in 2012

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    After all the breakups 2011 had to offer, it's time for a fresh start. For 10 hot celebs, we've found their perfect matches on...
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    Tarantino snags Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Django Unchained

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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt has latched on to Quentin Tarantino's latest film, Django Unchained . The 50/50 star is joining the...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Scarlett Johansson dating Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    There’s a new hot couple in town, and they’re ready for their close-up.
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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt tries to beat the odds in 50/50

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    Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a young man fighting cancer in the new movie 50/50 .