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    George Clooney and other male celebs who inspired cosmetic fads

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    Is George Clooney really inspiring men everywhere to embrace a new cosmetic procedure? You be the judge.
  2. Television

    Mad Men recap: What happens when you call in "Favors?"

    Warning: The recap below contains spoilers for the episode of Mad Men titled "Favors." Do not read unless you want the entire...
  3. Television

    Mad Men theories: Season 6's inferno of insanity

    Are the Mad Men conspiracy theories keeping you up all night?
  4. Television

    Burning Mad Men question: Who the heck is Bob Benson?

    There's a world of crazy out there, and it doesn't stop at Mad Men fans. Their biggest questions right now: Who is Bob Benson, and...
  5. Television

    Mad Men recap: New York and L.A. share little in common

    Full disclosure: This Mad Men recap contains spoilers, but it was not written under the influence.
  6. Television

    Mad Men recap: One big happy family?

    Warning: The following is a recap of Mad Men Season 6, episode 9 titled "The Better Half." If you haven't seen the episode,...
  7. Television

    Mad Men recap: Because they got high

    Gleason dies, Sally is robbed, half the office is high and there's absolutely no Joan.
  8. Television

    Mad Men recap: Welcome back, Don

    Spoiler alert: This article pertains directly to Mad Men 's Season 6 Episode 7, "Man with a Plan." Seriously, if you haven't...
  9. Television

    Mad Men 's SCDP lands a lemon

    Don Draper's top secret car from Chevy may not be the savior SCDP and CGC need. We recommend saving the whiskey celebration for a...
  10. Television

    Mad Men recap: Taking one for the new team

    Warning! Do not read if you have yet to watch Mad Men season 6's episode, "For Immediate Release." Incredibly awesome spoilers ahead.
  11. Television

    Mad Men recap: "The Flood"

    SDCP (and Peggy and Betty) embark on recovering from a "shameful, shameful day."
  12. Television

    Jon Hamm to host ESPY Awards

    Who isn't, right?
  13. Television

    Mad Men recap: "To have and to hold"

    What do Joan's confidence and Don's marriage have in common? They're both in serious trouble.
  14. Television

    Mad Men recap: "The Collaborators"

    Testy, testy! Everyone is up in arms on this Jon Hamm–directed episode of Mad Men .
  15. Entertainment

    QUIZ: Is your boss a mad man?

    If you're a fan of Mad Men , you've likely recoiled in horror at the way the men talk to and treat their secretaries. And that...
  16. Television

    Spoilers? Historical events to inspire Mad Men

    Each season of Mad Men is as closely guarded as our president. Getting real spoilers can often prove impossible. What we can do,...
  17. Television

    Mad Men season 6 premiere recap

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    *Warning: Do not read unless you've seen Mad Men 's season 6 premiere, "The Doorway." Unless, of course, you like spoilers.
  18. Entertainment

    Did Jon Hamm of Mad Men really just say that?

    Don Draper is the kind of guy we love to hate. He’s handsome, has a commanding presence and is brighter than most but then mucks it...
  19. Entertainment

    The cads of Mad Men

    So men of the '60s and '70s weren’t like Mike Brady and Ward Cleaver? Who knew office environments (OK, maybe just ad agency...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Jockey offers Jon Hamm free undies for life

    Making publicity hay while the sun shines, underwear company Jockey tweets an offer to supply Mad Men star Jon Hamm with a...