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    Sons of Anarchy 's Johnny Lewis' death ruled accidental

    The actor's death was a question mark. Now that the coroner has released the autopsy results, they've just created more questions.
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    Taylor Negron memorializes Sons of Anarchy murder victim

    Taylor Negron wasn't the only famous actor to stay at the "Writer's Villa" throughout the years. A sea of familiar faces were...
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    Lil Wayne and Kesha lead this week's f'ed-up headlines

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    The full moon isn’t until Sunday but some of this week’s headlines were so bizarre, it had us wondering if a few celebs were being...
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    Who set actor Johnny Lewis loose?

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    In the aftermath of Sons of Anarchy actor Johnny Lewis' apparent slaying of an 81-year-old woman and his own suicide or accidental...
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    No Hollywood ending for Johnny Lewis

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    Hollywood is entrenched in a big murder mystery today involving former Sons of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis, his landlady and a...