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    Johnny Depp talks The Lone Ranger in Q&A

    "It was important to give as much back to the Native Americans as possible."
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    April Fools': Who is Hollywood's hottest prankster?

    How refreshing that a handful of celebrities don’t take themselves too seriously and can appreciate the art of a good prank. That...
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    Rebecca Hall to star opposite Johnny Depp in Transcendence

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    Iron Man 3 star Rebecca Hall is set to star alongside Johnny Depp in Transcendence .
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    Five surprising actors who've never won an Academy Award

    While many A-list actors have won an Academy Award or 10, some very big names have never graced the Oscar stage. Here are just a few...
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    Johnny Depp to play Whitey Bulger in Black Mass

    Johnny Depp will play a violent criminal in the much-buzzed-about picture directed by Barry Levinson, just one of three competing...
  6. Entertainment

    Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise: Stars notably absent from awards season

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    In the blur of red carpets, coveted statues, tuxes, designer gowns and Fred Leighton jewelry, we’re struck by the notable absence of...
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    Johnny Depp rides for justice in the new Lone Ranger trailer

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    From the team that brought us the swashbuckling good times of Pirates of the Caribbean comes a brand-new Johnny Depp adventure...
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    Johnny Depp to go mad for Alice in Wonderland ?

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    Disney's not done with Alice in Wonderland . The blockbuster fantasy has scored a sequel. Its screenwriter has been confirmed, but...
  9. Music

    Johnny Depp's new role: Guitarist for Alice Cooper

    Johnny Depp showed up at a recent Alice Cooper concert! No word on if his appearance was arranged by Tim Burton.
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    Movies to watch over the boring holiday break

    Halloween and Christmas hog most of the seasonal movie fun, but we managed to come up with a list of films perfectly suited for the...
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    Veterans Day-worthy flicks

    From the patriotic heroism to the harsh dilemmas and aftermath of war to everything in between, here's a list of movies to consider...
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    Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp: Easy last-minute celeb costumes

    You skipped the weekend Halloween parties and got invited last minute to a Wednesday-night party. All the costume stores are looted,...
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    Scary movies: Curl up with these Stephen King classics

    It’s hard to conceive as Halloween creeps up on us that a generation of scary movie watchers hasn’t read Stephen King’s books or...
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    Top DVD releases: Step back in time with The Princess Bride

    This week's top five DVD releases include two anniversary editions. One is a film that set the bar for fairy-tale romance in the...
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    Hot trailer: The Lone Ranger brings cowboys back

    A first look at what's sure to be a sweeping epic, The Lone Ranger showcases the power of the railroad, a face-painted Johnny Depp...
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    Johnny Depp transforms into Tonto for The Lone Ranger

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    Yee-haw, new photos of the action western, The Lone Ranger , staring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp have hit cyberspace. Hooray!
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    Lone Ranger crew member dies on set

    The latest film version of the story suffered a setback today when a crew member setting up for a shoot suffered a heart attack and...
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Nick Cassevetes' incest quote: Why celebs say stupid stuff

    Everybody gets word vomit occasionally. Celebrities are not immune. They somehow forget that they are in front of a microphone, or...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Vanessa Paradis on love: "Nothing is ever for sure."

    French icon Vanessa Paradis finally reveals her new thoughts on love in the wake of her public separation from Johnny Depp in the...
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    Psychic love predictions for Hollywood's hottest couples

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    With all of their breakups, makeups and relationship drama, who can possibly know what's next for our favorite A-list stars?