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  1. Television

    John Goodman hosts Saturday Night Live for 13th time

    John Goodman will host the long-running NBC series for a lucky 13th time.
  2. Movies

    Inside Llewyn Davis sees Justin Timberlake tackle folk

    Justin Timberlake shines without overshadowing in the upcoming movie, Inside Llewyn Davis . Full of great music and fantastic...
  3. Movies

    Watch 3 sneak peeks from Monsters University

    Mike and Sulley have signed up for a semester at Monsters University. We've got a sneak peek at the duo as they adapt to campus life...
  4. Movies

    Monsters University : Trailer, cast and more

    Mike and Sulley have returned for Monsters University . It's the prequel to Monsters, Inc. that takes us back to where it all...
  5. Entertainment

    Amazon picks up 5 awesome new pilots is taking on television. The Internet retailer has greenlit five new series that are exclusive to the site. They might...
  6. Movies

    Mike gets a rude awakening in Monsters University clip

    Classes at Monsters University are almost in session. Next month, Mike and Sulley return for another frightful-yet-hilarious...
  7. Movies

    Monsters University : The prequel to Mike and Sully's friendship

    Monster class is in session beginning June 21.
  8. Movies

    Filming begins for George Clooney's The Monuments Men

    George Clooney is set to direct and star in the gripping true story about the recovery of prized art during World War II.
  9. Movies

    Covert no more: Argo out on DVD

    Well hello there, movie fans. We know you can't wait to check out the new DVD releases hitting stores this weekend so we threw...
  10. Television

    Roseanne inks deal for new NBC series

    Roseanne Barr keeps trying (and failing) to resurrect the huge television career she enjoyed back in the 1980s and 1990s. Will a new...
  11. Movies

    Monsters, Inc movie review: The perfect holiday treat

    Adding 3-D technology to this classic Pixar movie makes a wonderful holiday gift. A whole new generation will discover the fun of...
  12. Movies

    Flight movie review: Denzel goes on one hell of a ride

    With one of the most impressively terrifying plane crashes ever put on film, Denzel is at his best playing the complicated anti-hero...
  13. Movies

    New Flight spot released

    Eager for Flight to land in a theater near you? Air traffic control has scheduled the release for Nov. 2, but we managed to snag...
  14. Movies

    Argo movie review: Ben Affleck the new Warren Beatty?

    This movie is based on a real covert rescue mission to bring home six displaced Americans who narrowly escaped being taken prisoner...
  15. Entertainment

    Celebrities protecting New Orleans homes against Isaac

    The celebrities that live in the city are just like everyone else in the face of a storm. Some homes have been boarded up and the...
  16. Movies

    ParaNorman movie review: Kid sees dead people in 3D

    This frightfully funny film made with stop-motion animation dazzles in 3D! Kids of all ages will laugh their way through this spooky...
  17. Television

    Comedy Central to roast Roseanne Barr

    Roseanne's show ended 15 years ago, but she is showing the world she still has what it takes. And Comedy Central is helping.
  18. Movies

    Hot trailer: Ben Affleck invades Hollywood in Argo

    Ben Affleck goes to Hollywood to make a fake movie so he can smuggle six diplomats out of Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis in...
  19. Television

    Deja vu! John Goodman and Roseanne reunite

    Dan and Roseanne Conner are back -- sort of. John Goodman is in talks to join Roseanne Barr in her new NBC pilot, Downwardly Mobile....
  20. Television

    NBC Thursday premiere sneak peeks

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    NBC Thursdays return tonight with new episodes of The Office , Community and Parks and Recreation , not to mention the series...