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    Top 5 Redbox DVDs: Take a journey with The Rock

    The top five must-rent Redbox/Blu-ray/DVD movies this week include action, intrigue and a whole lot of fun. Grab your honey and hit...
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    Tree hugging is the new green at the box office

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    The Lorax, Dr. Seuss’s homage to the environment, beat out Disney’s $250 million Mars mission, John Carter, in an upset that...
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    Movie review: John Carter

    Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’ ( Tarzan ) adventure stories, John Carter is a film full of visual delights. More of a Western than...
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    Special sneak: 10 minutes from John Carter

    The movie about an ex-Civil War soldier who is mysteriously transported to Mars shows audiences an extra long peek at the epic film...
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    Movies: Why it's the year of the superhero

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    Comic nerds everywhere are going to be jonesing for the cinemas. This year is going to be positively teeming with superhero flicks...
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    Mars goes mad in new John Carter trailer

    Disney has released a new trailer for Andrew Stanton's John Carter . The movie is filled with hostile creatures, alien races and...
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    John Carter trailer takes off

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    The first trailer for Walt Disney Pictures’ John Carter is here! Former Friday Night Lights star Taylor Kitsch plays the title...