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    Obama beats Romney: Who'll play the politicos in a movie?

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    The controversy surrounding the 2012 election rivaled that of the Dubya/Gore debacle 12 years ago. But now that Obama has secured a...
  2. Television

    Joe Biden will make appearance on Parks and Recreation

    The VP will play himself on an episode of Parks and Recreation , but why did the show keep it a secret until after the election?
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    Biden on Parks and Rec : The politico/celeb lovefest goes on

    The Hollywood connection to the White House is not new. Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger were actors before they held public...
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    Barack Obama reveals true feelings about Joe Biden

    President Barack Obama stopped by The View on Tuesday to talk about everything from gay marriage to Joe Biden. So, how does he...
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    VP Joe Biden talks about Obama's "big stick" during speech

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    Vice President Joe Biden inadvertently made a NYU audience explode into laughter when he made a comment about President Barack...