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    Joan Rivers officiates surprise gay wedding at book signing

    Surprise! Joan Rivers officiated a gay wedding during a book signing in New York City on Monday, June 30. The wedding was impromptu...
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    Kristen Stewart reportedly suing Joan Rivers over new book

    Joan Rivers is on a quest to burn everyone in Hollywood, but Kristen Stewart isn't putting up with it this time.
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    Amy Poehler & 9 other celebrity authors' books you should read

    Show of hands if you read Tina Fey's book Bossypants and immediately wondered when Amy Poehler would write a book. And Neil...
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    VIDEO: Joan Rivers roasts everyone in Hollywood in new book

    Joan Rivers is not known for her kind comments, so it's not surprising that her new book Diary of a Mad Diva roasts countless...
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    Jason Biggs makes fun of Tara Reid's body, keeps feud fresh

    Jason Biggs goes on Joan Rivers' web show and takes another opportunity to say some not-so-nice things about his ex-costar.
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    Joan Rivers not sorry about Ohio women kidnapping joke

    Joan Rivers is the queen of all things non-politically correct and she's not backing down from her latest gibe involving the Ohio...
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    Joan Rivers has some very harsh words for Gwyneth Paltrow

    You don't want to get on Joan Rivers' bad side, that's for sure! And the Fashion Police star does not have kind words for Gwyneth...
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    Joan Rivers and Johnny Carson? Details on their hot "bounce"

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    Joan Rivers and Johnny Carson hooked up? According to the Fashion Police host, it's true, and the late Tonight Show star was on...
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    6 Times Romancing the Joan told it like it is

    Joan Rivers knows how to woo a man. She also knows a thing or two about life. She just has a way of putting it all out there, ya...
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    Joan Rivers renews catfight with Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence has made her thoughts on Hollywood's portrayal of women very clear, but she may have messed with the wrong woman....
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    Joan Rivers defends Alec Baldwin with shocking language

    Joan Rivers has never kept her mouth shut. On Tuesday, she threw her support to Alec Baldwin in a shocking way.
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    Jennifer Lawrence slams Fashion Police for judging young girls

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    Jennifer Lawrence is sick of our superficial obsession with beauty as she slams Fashion Police . But host Joan Rivers fires back...
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    15 Miley Cyrus Halloween costume fails

    If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, Miley Cyrus should be blushing right now. Seemingly everyone and their brother...
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    50 Most shocking celebrity tweets of 2013

    In the 17th century, duels were the public forum for duking it out. Today, we have Twitter. As the year comes to a close, we look...
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    QUIZ: Which Romancing the Joan bachelor is right for you?

    Joan had a rough time picking just one bachelor, and we're sure you will, too. We made it easier by making up a quiz.
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    Joe Jonas laughs at Taylor Swift's dating history

    The world is familiar with Taylor Swift's dating history and her high-profile breakups, but her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas thought he'd...
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    Romancing the Joan recap: The first four episodes

    On Romancing the Joan , a lot of big moments happen in a relatively short time span! Let's take a look at what you may have missed.
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    Romancing the Joan spoilers: Does Rivers find true love?

    Are you ready for Romancing the Joan ? Here's a sneak peek at what you should expect!
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    Meet the cast & crew of Romancing the Joan

    Joan Rivers can attribute her luck in finding love to SheKnows TV's wonderful cast and crew, who poured their love, sweat and tears...
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    Joan Rivers' funniest quotes from Romancing the Joan

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    After a sneak peek at Romancing the Joan , we know one thing for certain: Joan Rivers is as funny as ever, even on her journey...