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    Lucasfilm announces big news for Star Wars: Episode VII

    Filming for Star Wars: Episode VII will begin soon, but that isn't the only big news announced by Lucasfilm on Tuesday.
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    HBO star Adam Driver may be newest Star Wars evildoer

    Hollywood is buzzing about J.J. Abrams latest Star Wars epic, and Girls star Adam Driver is the focus of all the talk.
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    PHOTO: J.J. Abrams hangs out with Star Wars fan fave

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    Preproduction on Star Wars: Episode VII is underway, and we've got a photo to prove it. Say hello to our little friend.
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    Confirmed: Star Wars: Episode VII gets new writers

    There was a behind-the-scenes shake-up with the new Star Wars movie. Episode VII lost its screenwriter, but quickly replaced...
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    J.J. Abrams' mysterious new teaser-trailer Stranger

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    The internet is buzzing with speculation about J.J. Abrams' new teaser-trailer that was just released without any info on what it's...
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    John Williams on board to score Star Wars: Episode VII

    One of the last pieces of the puzzle is in place for the three remaining Star Wars movies. John Williams has said he will return...
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    Could J.J. Abrams drop out of Star Wars: Episode VII ?

    It was big news when J.J. Abrams was announced as the director of Stars Wars: Episode VII , and Lucasfilm wants to make sure...
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    Here's Cumberbatch's cut shower scene from Star Trek 2

    The Internet's been buzzing with the controversy surrounding Star Trek Into Darkness. Many claim the film is sexist against women,...
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    New Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer takes us on a manhunt

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    Manhunt alert! J.J. Abrams launches his latest Star Trek brainchild Star Trek Into Darkness in IMAX 3D on May 15 and in theaters...
  10. Television

    Revolution web series available online

    The creators of Revolution have released a series of prequel webisodes called Enemies of the State , following Captain Neville as...
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    J.J. Abrams talks Season 2 of Revolution

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    Genius TV show producer J.J. Abrams chats with SheKnows about what's happening in Season 2 of Revolution .
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    NFW: Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo?

    Is director J.J. Abrams' going really, really old-school for Episode VII, the Star Wars that many hope will be a return to the...
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    Will he or won't he? J.J. Abrams set for Star Wars 7

    Is there anything J.J. Abrams can't do? The director and producer's been tapped to take over the Star Wars franchise. Multiple...
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    Lance Armstrong movie is already in the works

    All eyes are on Lance Armstrong. The athlete's been hit with a wave of bad publicity, thanks to his drug scandal. As he takes to the...
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    J.J. Abrams says no thanks to directing Star Wars 7

    Is J.J. Abrams in the running to direct the next Star Wars? Don't hold your breath. He has no intention of tackling the sci-fi...
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    Revolution vs. Mob Doctor: Which should you watch tonight?

    Both TV shows promise high-stakes drama, but which one is worth your hour? SheKnows takes a closer look at both shows airing tonight.
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    J.J. Abrams seeks Shelter with the CW

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    Raise your hand if you love pilot talk! Good, because we've got some news coming from the CW camp that will make J.J. Abrams' fans...
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    Fox hits Winter TCA Tour with Alcatraz , Touch

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    Representatives for the new Fox shows, Alcatraz and Touch , were on hand at the Winter TCA Press Tour this weekend and you don't...
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    Star Trek sequel beams up Peter Weller

    Peter Weller is returning to the sci-fi genre. The actor has been cast in J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated Star Trek sequel. The...
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    Confirmed: JJ Abrams set to direct Star Trek 2

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    JJ Abrams is returning to the Enterprise. The sci-fi favorite will reprise his role as director of the highly anticipated sequel,...