1. Bargains, Savings & Shopping Tips

    Black Friday deals on jewelry

    Though you might be familiar with the Black Friday sales at department stores and major chains, smaller retailers are offering...
  2. Fashion Accessories

    Pretty Little Things: Lace-inspired jewelry

    What could be more delicate and pretty than lace? Lace detailing is quickly becoming a style must, which is why this week on Pretty...
  3. Fashion & Style

    How to customize your shopping experience

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    How many times have you been to the store and whatever you pick out isn’t exactly right or what you are looking for? Whether it's...
  4. Fashion Accessories

    Bring on the fall bling: Seasonal jewelry picks

    We admit it -- we’re a bit obsessed with this season’s crop of jewelery and we’re already coveting quite a few pieces. For the sake...
  5. Fashion Accessories

    10 Trendy teen accessories

    Your accessories can make or break your outfit. These trendy accessories are perfect for teens.
  6. Fashion Accessories

    DIY starfish cuff bracelet

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    End of summer sadness? Reclaim the days bygone with this easy-to-make sea treasure that will never go out of season! You'll never...
  7. Style and fashion how-tos

    How to keep your ring from turning your finger green

    There’s nothing more frustrating than sliding on a new, stylish ring, only to slide it off hours later and find a dark green circle...
  8. Fashion & Style

    Timeless jewelry every woman should own

    There’s something to be said about a piece of jewelry that can be passed down in your family for generations to come. From elegant...
  9. Fashion & Style

    Ombre jewelry and accessories we love

    Your hair is probably rather familiar with ombre. Based on the French word "ombrer" meaning to shade, it involves color graduating...
  10. Parenting Advice & Columns

    Mom story: I’m a top jewelry designer

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    Erica Courtney took a jagged path from being broke in Dallas, Texas, to launching a top jewelry design business in Los Angeles,...
  11. Fashion Accessories

    6 Pieces of summer statement jewelry

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    Summer may be a season meant for flip flops and sundresses, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with what you wear....
  12. Organizing & Cleaning

    How to clean jewelry at home

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    It's easy to keep your jewelry looking as shiny as the day you got it. Read on to find out how to use common household products to...
  13. Celebrity Style

    Soak up Kate Bosworth's beachy look for summer

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    Kate Bosworth posseses the kind of look that is made for summer. Maybe it's because she played a devout surfer in the movie Blue...
  14. Crafts

    Add some flair with a DIY painted wood bead necklace

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    Who doesn't love a new necklace to update your wardrobe every now and again? With this DIY hand-painted wood bead necklace tutorial,...
  15. Fashion News & Trends

    H&M launching fab accessories collection with Anna Dello Russo

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    Exciting news, Vogue fans! Iconic Vogue Japan fashion director Anna Dello Russo has designed a line of show-stopping accessories...
  16. Fashion Accessories

    31 Bits sells fashionable, charitable jewelry

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    The jewelry 31 Bits sells is quite obviously stylish and unique, but the company does SO much more than make accessories. Since...
  17. Spring Fashion

    Easter jewelry from Etsy

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    Dress up on Easter Sunday with a pretty Easter necklace or a fun pair of bunny earrings. Here are some of our favorite Easter...
  18. Fashion Accessories

    Trendy trinkets: Jewelry spotted at Fashion Week

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    Fresh off Fashion Week, we can't stop talking about what's in store for spring... but we spotted more than just killer clothing and...
  19. Fashion & Style

    Sweet heart-inspired jewelry

    Have some heart this Valentine's Day -- and by that, we mean heart-shaped jewelry.
  20. Fashion & Style

    Baubles galore: Must-have jewelry pieces

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    Add some spice to your jewelry collection with our must-have jewelry pieces of the season. Besides, can you ever really have enough...