jessica stroup

  1. Television

    90210 preview: "Project Runaway"

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    Temptations and breaking points are explored on this week's all-new episode of 90210 .
  2. Television

    90210 preview: "A Thousand Words"

    Teddy's Vegas wedding tape is out and it's not looking good for his uncle's campaign. Keep reading for a preview of this week's new...
  3. Television

    90210 preview: "It's the Great Masquerade, Naomi Clark"

    Grab a mask and settle in for a little masquerade party on 90210 this week.
  4. Television

    90210 preview: "Party Politics"

    90210 gets political this week!
  5. Television

    90210 preview: "Let The Games Begin"

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    Greek Games and Naomi's revenge -- 90210 is going to get interesting this week.
  6. Hair

    Hairstyle of the day: Short and chic

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    Today's featured hairstyle is Jessica Stroup's short, chic cut.