jessica sanchez

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    Glee recap: "All or Nothing"

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    After New Directions's regional victory, a wedding surprises everyone. We knew it was coming. We just never saw it happening in the...
  2. Television

    American Idol 's Jessica Sanchez is joining Glee

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    She may have been the runner-up on Season 11 of American Idol, but Jessica Sanchez will take center stage for the Glee season finale.
  3. Television

    Jessica Sanchez may join the cast of Glee

    The singer may have only come in second on season 11, but the opportunity may land her a real gig at Glee .
  4. Entertainment

    Phillip Phillips recovering from kidney surgery

    With barely a month between the American Idol finale and the Idol tour kickoff, the singer has his surgery with just enough time to...