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    Mad Men recap: Season 6 finale

    Warning: This is the recap of Mad Men 's Season 6 finale. It contains spoilers... and a lot of confusion.
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    Mad Men recap: "The Quality of Mercy"

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    Too many things went down on Mad Men this week. Pete Campbell is clearly not sure how to handle everything that happened.
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    Mad Men theories: Season 6's inferno of insanity

    Are the Mad Men conspiracy theories keeping you up all night?
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    Burning Mad Men question: Who the heck is Bob Benson?

    There's a world of crazy out there, and it doesn't stop at Mad Men fans. Their biggest questions right now: Who is Bob Benson, and...
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    Mad Men recap: Taking one for the new team

    Warning! Do not read if you have yet to watch Mad Men season 6's episode, "For Immediate Release." Incredibly awesome spoilers ahead.
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    Mad Men recap: "The Flood"

    SDCP (and Peggy and Betty) embark on recovering from a "shameful, shameful day."
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    Mad Men recap: "To have and to hold"

    What do Joan's confidence and Don's marriage have in common? They're both in serious trouble.
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    Mad Men recap: "The Collaborators"

    Testy, testy! Everyone is up in arms on this Jon Hamm–directed episode of Mad Men .
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    Mad Men season 6 premiere recap

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    *Warning: Do not read unless you've seen Mad Men 's season 6 premiere, "The Doorway." Unless, of course, you like spoilers.
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    Airdate for Mad Men 's Season 6 announced

    Absorbing AMC drama Mad Men , which won the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy in four of its five seasons, is coming back for a sixth...
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    Celebrity body "flaws"

    What is it about celebrities that makes us feel so self-conscious about our looks? Hmm... maybe their amazing bodies, stunning...
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    Mad Men's Jessica Paré shares her beauty philosophy

    Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but Jessica Paré -- who plays Megan Draper on Mad Men -- notes that one definition will...
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    Mad Men's Jessica Paré on singing for Don and living room sex

    This past Sunday was a big night for Jessica Paré -- not only did Megan Draper debut as a married woman, but she also sang AND took...
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    Mad Men drops "Zou Bisou Bisou" on iTunes

    Mad Men releases Jessica Pare's breakout performance of "Zoo Be Zoo" (Zou Bisou Bisou) on iTunes as a single.