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    A very Chicago Fire Christmas

    Chicago Fire is always pretty steamy. But this week it gets downright hot!
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    Chicago Fire preview: Time for a throw-down!

    This week: Casey and Detective Voight continue to go head to head. If this clash doesn't entail an all-out fistfight by the end of...
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    Chicago Fire sneak peek: Halloween heats up

    Halloween time for any firehouse means a lot of cleaning up after crazy, drunk people. This year, for Firehouse 51, the guys will...
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    Chicago Fire 's 5 smokin' firefighters

    Chicago Fire has a lot to love. There are awesome fires, intense drama, goofball pranks, and hotties galore. Since it's television,...
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    Chicago Fire sneak peek: Hazing season begins

    What's ahead on NBC's new series, Chicago Fire ? Tons more drama and action, sure. But even firehouses have slow days, and that's...
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    What you should know about Chicago Fire

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    A new high-octane drama is coming to NBC this fall -- Chicago Fire . From Emmy-award-winning executive producer Dick Wolf of Law &...
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    6 Reasons to tune in to Chicago Fire

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    Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney lead the ensemble cast portraying America’s everyday heroes in NBC’s new drama Chicago Fire . The...
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    Meet the men of Chicago Fire

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    If there's something to be excited about this fall, it's the men of the new NBC drama Chicago Fire . In addition to being good...
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    NBC's Chicago Fire is bringing the heat

    It's a show about hot firefighters... with no shirts on! Need I say more?