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    PHOTOS: Dallas power struggle reaches new heights

    Old villains emerge while secrets could ruin alliances as the season heats up on Southfork. Where will Season 3 lead us? Only one...
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    Q&A with Dallas star Jesse Metcalfe

    Jesse Metcalfe talks season two teasers, J.R.'s passing and Christopher's dark side.
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    TNT's Dallas makes a piping hot debut

    The Ewings have still got it. Their lies, deceit and jealousy are back in full force on TNT's Dallas. The drama made its debut on...
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    Yee-haw! TNT releases new Dallas trailer

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    TNT has released a new trailer for their long-awaited Dallas reboot. The drama is set to premiere next summer and centers on the...
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    Chase series premiere tonight!

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    The series premiere of Chase is on NBC tonight!