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  1. Parenting

    Be an all-access mom

    Being a mom is a full-time job, and then some — we totally get it! Between drop-offs, pick-ups, errands, cooking, cleaning… we’re...
  2. Fashion for Moms

    Mommy Style Crush: Jennifer Garner

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    Jennifer Garner is married to one of the hottest men in Hollywood, has a super-hot acting career and is the mother of three. But...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Ben Affleck, post-Oscar, is happy "Hanging out with my wife"

    The actor and director just accomplished one of the biggest things, so what is he going to do now?
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Ben Affleck shaves off Argo beard at last

    Ben Affleck's idea of a good party trick? Ridding himself of the mangy beard he grew for Argo .
  5. Celebrity Relationships

    Man Candy Mondays: Ben Affleck

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    From '90s heartthrob to Golden Globe-winning director, Ben Affleck has been making us drool for a solid two decades. And now, Ben's...
  6. Parenting Tips & Advice

    Maria Menounos: My parents inspire me

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    Maria Menounos wears many hats, including talk show host, author, actress and Dancing with the Stars contestant. What’s her...
  7. Entertainment

    Hollywood power mom: Meet Jennifer Garner

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    Jennifer Garner has it all: a successful career, a handsome, successful husband, three beautiful kids and the ability to balance...
  8. Celebrity Style

    Whitney Port talks beauty trends at the 2013 SAG Awards

    Designer Whitney Port knows fashion, but she also has a few opinions about celeb makeup and hair at the 2013 SAG Awards.
  9. Entertainment

    Whitney Port's best dressed couples at the 2013 SAG Awards

    Whitney Port is our go-to girl for all the inside fashion info from the 2013 SAG Awards — and now she's sharing her picks for the...
  10. Television

    Golden Globes on the red carpet... and we don't mean awards

    From Tina Fey's sweetheart halter to Amy Poehler's navel-grazing neckline, the attire at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards...
  11. Television

    2013 Golden Globes: Who's presenting?

    The 2013 Golden Globes are Sunday night, believe it or not. We've got your first look at who will be presenting the awards.
  12. Movies & Reviews

    The Dark Knight rises to top DVD release

    Batman is making his way onto most wish lists this season, and with good reason. The Dark Knight Rises is well-deserving of this...
  13. Family Activities

    The Odd Life of Timothy Green : What makes a family

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    The Odd Life of Timothy Green , Disney's touching movie that helps you remember what really matters in life, comes out on DVD...
  14. Movies & Reviews

    Deerhunter singer joins the cast of The Dallas Buyers Club

    The singer has never worked as an actor before. He joins the very diverse cast along with a few other recent additions.
  15. Hookups, Breakups & Babies

    Ben Affleck reminisces about "Bennifer"

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    It's hard to imagine that a decade has gone by since we were bombarded with images of that pink diamond engagement ring, but Ben...
  16. Movies & Reviews

    Butter movie review: One hot-buttered b****!

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    A Midwestern butter-carving contest melts out of control when one desperate housewife conspires to lie, cheat on her husband, and...
  17. Celebrity Gossip

    We're not the only ones who hated Ben Affleck's Argo hair

    Ben Affleck's shaggy hair was an awful monstrosity, according to his family.
  18. Celebrity Gossip

    Famous celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

    They may be drop-dead gorgeous, famous and have a Birkin allowance, but that doesn’t prevent celebrities from having the same...
  19. Movies & Reviews

    Jennifer Garner plays evil butter lady and likes it

    A film about butter-carving competitions? Yep. And who better to play the aggressive housewife who takes being the best butter...
  20. Movies & Reviews

    Jennifer Garner’s kids have tantrums, too

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    Jennifer Garner reveals her life as a mother is no different from anyone else’s – her kids break down, she’s constantly at the...