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    Eek! Matt Smith gets naked in Doctor Who images

    For one reason or another, Matt Smith decided it was time to shed the suit on Doctor Who . See the outcome and a million more pics...
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    VIDEO: The Doctor Who Christmas Special extended trailer

    Tick-tock. Tick-tock. It's almost the end of Matt Smith as the Doc. Have you seen the trailer for his final day? The Doctor's last...
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    Doctor Who 's "The Day of the Doctor" brings all the feels

    Hello, sweeties! If you've not watched "The Day of the Doctor" yet, save reading this until later. Spoilers!
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    Doctor Who 's Coleman and Smith troll Whovians at Comic-Con

    We're officially calling "shenanigans" on Matt Smith and Jenna-Louis Coleman from Doctor Who .
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    Doctor Who 's Smith & Moffat: Doctor could be female

    Yes! The next Doctor could certainly be a woman! "Twelve" has quite the feminine ring to it, too, does it not?
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    Doctor Who departure: Matt Smith is out, but who is in?

    Who fans everywhere are sobbing off their TARDIS blue mascara: Matt Smith is leaving the show. What will that look like? And who...
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    Doctor Who 's anniversary reunites familiar faces

    Who will return for the 50th anniversary episode of Dr. Who? Only your two favorite lovebirds, of course! (But how?!)
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    Doctor Who gets a movie makeover

    Just two more weeks until the return of Doctor Who. Fantastic!