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    Capitol Couture is all the rage in new Mockingjay promo

    Get lost in pages of mesmerizing Capitol fashion with Capitol Couture , a special online magazine featuring impressive fashion, art...
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    Capitol weakness exposed in new Mockingjay teaser (VIDEO)

    A second Mockingjay teaser in which President Snow addresses Panem has been released — this time featuring a team of armed Capitol...
  3. Music

    Jena Malone and 16 other actresses with amazing voices

    Think you know everything about your favorite actresses? Did you know all these ladies can sing?
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    INTERVIEW: Which Catching Fire actor ties a perfect noose?

    We sat down with Finnick and Johanna to find out what kind of pressure they felt when playing these beloved characters and to hear...
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    In Our Nature movie review: Like father, like son

    Mad Men’s sexy, silver-fox John Slattery stars in this indie drama about a father’s bitter nature and his son’s desire to break free...
  6. Television

    The 2012 Emmys : Attack of the slits

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    Apparently Angelina Jolie started a trend with her 2012 Oscars look: Everyone from Heidi Klum to Giuliana Rancic rocked the high...
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    Confirmed! Jena Malone will be Catching Fire

    Another star has joined the Quarter Quell. Jena Malone has officially been cast as Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire...
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    Has Jena Malone been offered the Catching Fire role?

    Of all the Hunger Games sequel roles up for grabs, the part of Johanna Mason may be one of the most coveted. But rumors are actress...
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    Sucker Punch: Girl power on steroids

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    Sucker Punch is an action-packed film opening this weekend that features plenty of girl power, including Emily Browning, Abbie...