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  1. Television

    Girls Season 3's desperately needed plot twists

    The Girls Season 3 premiere is here! We'd love to see some crazy/realistic stuff happen this season. Maybe Hannah will get a real,...
  2. Television

    VIDEO: 4 Things to know about Girls Season 3

    HBO's Girls has released its first teaser for Season 3. Here's what we've learned from the 30-second clip!
  3. Fashion & Style

    Looks we love: Nicole Richie & Hailee Steinfeld at the CFDA Awards

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    Nicole Richie and Hailee Steinfeld wore two drastically different — but equally as amazing — looks to the 2013 Council of Fashion...
  4. Celebrity Style

    Friday's Fashion Fails: Debra Messing and Jemima Kirke

    Oops... even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We're telling you why Debra Messing and Jemima Kirke's fashions fell short in our...
  5. Television

    The final show for a Girls girl?

    Jessa takes Hannah home to meet her father and both friends realize they're more alone than they wish.
  6. Television

    Drinking game: Watch Girls or pass out trying

    Being a Girls fan can be brutal! We've got just what you need to get through the show.
  7. Television

    Girls Season 2 teaser

    Come January, Girls returns. Here's hoping that as the show's creator, Lena Dunham, continues to grow up, her characters will, too....
  8. Television

    Girls star's shockingly truthful cocaine confession

    If you're a celebrity and you're going to do blow with a random stranger, it's probably best you make sure they're not a reporter....