jello recipes

  1. Drink Recipes

    Pop Rocks Jell-O shots are the most fun 4th of July cocktail ever

    You remember Pop Rocks — I know you do. Those delicious little candies that would pop, crackle and crunch as soon as they hit your...
  2. Drink Recipes

    VIDEO: Margarita jello shots

    Who said your Cinco de Mayo margarita could only come frozen or on the rocks? Serve these crafty jello shots for a fun and...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Entirely edible strawberry margarita Jell-O shots

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    Partying just got a whole lot more fun with these strawberry margarita Jell-O shots. No more licking the booze out of tiny plastic...
  4. Cooking & Entertaining

    Super-summery Jell-O "watermelon" slices

    Kids can be the easiest and the hardest little mouths to feed. They either love what you make or refuse to even touch it with a...
  5. Cooking & Entertaining

    VIDEO: Rainbow jelly eggs recipe

    Wow your kids this Easter with these bright and colorful rainbow jelly eggs. These eggs are a fun and easy alternative to the normal...
  6. Drink Recipes

    March Madness 3-point shots

    Let the March Madness begin with these fun and flavorful 3-point shots. Made with or without alcohol, they're sure to be a slam dunk...
  7. Drink Recipes

    Champagne jello shots

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    It's time to get a little jiggly with our Champagne. These fancy jello shots are perfect for New Year's Eve and add just a touch of...
  8. Cooking & Entertaining

    Christmas tree Jell-O shots

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    Want a fun and festive adult treat for your holiday party? These Christmas tree Jell-O shots are sure to be the star of any...
  9. Cooking & Entertaining

    How to make Jell-O worms

    Want to freak out your friends and family? Stick a bowl of these oogly, googly Jell-O worms under their hands! These creepy worms...
  10. Halloween Food & Recipes

    Eyeball ice cubes

    Give them a snack that's a little scary this Halloween!
  11. Dessert Recipes

    Firecracker Jell-O parfaits

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    This recipe is truly patriotic. Red, white and blue flavored Jell-O is magically transformed into this super-cool layered treat. Top...
  12. Cooking & Entertaining

    Piñata-shaped jello shots

    Here's a fun way to turn the piñata cookie into a party cocktail. Margarita-flavored and piñata-shaped, these gelatin shots come...
  13. Drink Recipes

    Snowman Jell-O shot pops

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    Skewer-up some simple snowman Jell-O shots, and serve a Christmas cocktail that's both clever and delicious.
  14. Food & Recipes

    Jeweled Jell-O Hearts

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    Need a quick and easy treat for a Valentine’s Day party at school? You can’t beat these jeweled Jell-O hearts that can be prepared...
  15. Cooking & Entertaining

    Make a jello mold: A retro rainbow dessert

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    I made this fabulous Jell-O mold dessert recently, and it was the biggest hit at the potluck I attended! What does this tell me?...