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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    'NSYNC reunites (again) for Chris Kirkpatrick's wedding

    'NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick married his longtime girlfriend over the weekend, and four of his oldest and best friends showed up...
  2. Music

    EXCLUSIVE: Watch episode 2 of JC Chasez's web series, Girl Radical

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    Move over Spice Girls, *NSYNC-er J.C. Chasez is taking girl power to a whole new level with Girl Radical, and we're exclusively...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    *NSYNC reunion was Justin Timberlake's idea

    The *NSYNC reunion wasn't exactly a surprise by time it happened, but J.C. Chasez reveals how the whole thing came together.
  4. Music

    Battle of the boy bands: *NSYNC vs. BSB

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    We're diagnosing once and for all who the best boy band of the '90s is right here and right now! Of course that leaves only two...
  5. Entertainment

    10 Perfectly-preserved boy band members to ogle

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    One Direction is burning up the airwaves worldwide much like our favorite boy bands of the '00s. But can these five Brits, once...
  6. Music

    Tony Lucca scores 'N Sync seal of approval via J.C. Chasez

    Christina Aguilera may not be a fan of former Mouseketeer and current contender on The Voice , Tony Lucca, but former 'N Sync...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    JC Chasez's latest role: Baby-saving hero

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    Former *NSYNC singer JC Chasez made friends with an Italian family after he saved their small daughter from a flyaway beach umbrella.