jason o'mara

  1. Television

    Vegas recap: The cover-up

    Shell-shocked Jack covers up his involvement in Rizzo's death to save his relationship with Mia. But is compromising his values and...
  2. Television

    Vegas recap: Someone will die

    Jack walks into Rizzo's trap, the Milwaukee hit man escapes again, and Dixon finally gets to be play the hero.. for a few minutes.
  3. Television

    Vegas recap: Buried Alive

    Chaos ensues as bad guys take hostages, a card shark scams the Savoy, an unlikely duo team up to expose Rizzo and the Tumbleweed...
  4. Television

    Vegas recap: Battle of wits

    It's not easy being a gangster. You have to outwit the good guys, outplay the bad guys, and school the boss's daughter -- all...
  5. Television

    Terra Nova gets the axe -- will it find a new home?

    It's official: Fox is breaking up with Terra Nova . After weeks of will-they or won't-they discussions, the network has finally...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Man Candy Mondays: Jason O'Mara

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    What is it about guys with accents? Specifically, really good-looking guys with accents. Whether the accent makes them sexy or it's...
  7. Movies

    Movie review: One for the Money

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    Adorable Katherine Heigl becomes a stage five stalker -- for hire! -- when she hunts down her ex-boyfriend in One for the Money.
  8. Movies

    One for the Money star Jason O’Mara shares his love story

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    Though he plays a tough guy in One for the Money, Jason O’ Mara is really a softie at heart, a fact we quickly discovered when he...