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    VIDEO: Jane Lynch's gay realization led to a life of secrecy

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    Jane Lynch knows firsthand how hard it can be as a young person struggling to come to terms with your sexuality. Here, the Glee...
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    You just learned that your child is gay: 12 celeb role models

    There's a lot that runs through a parent's mind when they find out their child is gay. Will they be unfairly ostracized, ridiculed,...
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    What did Lea Michele think of the Cory Monteith tribute?

    Although Lea Michele hasn't yet commented on the Cory Monteith tribute at the Emmy Awards on Sunday, she tweeted a message Monday...
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    9 Movie actors turned TV stars

    More often than not, it’s small screen actors that aim to make the leap from television to movies. However, some incredible movie...
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    Upcoming movie release: What is A.C.O.D. ?

    A.C.O.D. is on the rise. It's a mysterious disorder that's taken the population by storm. But what is it and how do we deal? Actors...
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    Jane Lynch battles nasty divorce, ex demands $93K in alimony

    Oops, no prenup: Lara Embry, the estranged wife of Jane Lynch, demands nearly $100,000 in spousal support. And that's just the...
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    Cory Monteith memorial episode "most beautiful thing"

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    Glee Season 5 is set to be an emotional one after the death of Cory Monteith. However, according to Jane Lynch, the memorial...
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    Jane Lynch misses Cory Monteith on set

    Cory Monteith, who starred as Finn in Glee , will sadly not be in the latest season due to his untimely death. The cast really miss...
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    Glee cast & crew hold memorial for Cory Monteith

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    The cast and crew of Glee said goodbye to their friend and co-star Cory Monteith with a special memorial service Thursday.
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    Jane Lynch's marriage comes to an end

    It's hard to keep up with Hollywood's never-ending hookups and breakups. The latest? Jane Lynch and her wife are splitting.
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    INTERVIEW: MasterChef 's Graham Elliot chats about Week 5's Glee challenge

    The home chefs took the show on the road last night, hitting Hollywood to cook for the cast and crew of Glee . For Week 5's blog,...
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    Who should Jane Lynch date next?

    After a week of baby news galore (Kate Winslet has a bun in the oven! And Jennifer Love Hewitt! And Kim Zolciak?), an announcement...
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    Glee 's Jane Lynch splits from wife after just three years

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    Happily ever after is not to be for Jane Lynch, as the actress announces her marriage is over.
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    Glee recap: "Guilty Pleasures"

    Rachel discovers Brody is a gigolo and confronts him ending the relationship. Don't worry, she's already moved on to Colin, her new...
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    Glee sneak peek: "Guilty Pleasures"

    In the upcoming episode of Glee , New Directions will take on songs that everyone loves, but no one wants to admit.
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    Glee recap: "Feud"

    Rachel's not pregnant, but her problems are far from over. Santana tries to convince Rachel that Brody is bad news. while Finn and...
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    One part of Jane Lynch is a big ol' superstar right now

    Actresses of a certain age complain there's not enough work for them in Hollywood, but 52-year-old Jane Lynch seems to be doing just...
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    Jane Lynch: Broadway star and game show host

    Jane Lynch is trying to become the busiest woman in Hollywood after scoring two new gigs this week. She's now a game show host and a...
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    Exclusive: Jane Lynch on her Escape from Planet Earth

    SheKnows recently got the chance to chat with Glee's Jane Lynch about her brand-new movie, Escape from Planet Earth . We won't miss...
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    Exclusive Escape From Planet Earth clip

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    SheKnows has an exclusive clip of the hilarious trio of aliens played by Jane Lynch, Craig Robinson and George Lopez in the animated...