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    4 Roles James Wolk would be Crazy to skip

    Each week as we watch James Wolk light up on screen on The Crazy Ones , we see nothing but potential behind those blazing blue...
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    The Crazy Ones ' lucky charm is a Mad Men ad man

    He has a talent for playing advertising execs, and James Wolk is bringing down the house with his portrayal of Robin Williams'...
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    Mad Men recap: Season 6 finale

    Warning: This is the recap of Mad Men 's Season 6 finale. It contains spoilers... and a lot of confusion.
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    Mad Men : 6 Ways Season 6 could end

    Mad Men 's Season 6 is about to wrap. But how, exactly?
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    Burning Mad Men question: Who the heck is Bob Benson?

    There's a world of crazy out there, and it doesn't stop at Mad Men fans. Their biggest questions right now: Who is Bob Benson, and...
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    Lone Star canceled

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    After only two episodes and poor ratings Fox has decided to axe Lone Star . Lone Star was a one-hour drama about the art of the...
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    Lone Star premiere preview

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    Lone Star premieres tonight and it reminds us that at the start of each television season, a new star is hailed as the small...